Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 1062: Past Incident in the Blue Sea Empire...

Chapter 1062 Past Incident in the Blue Sea Empire...

Landing on the ground just a short distance away from the city, Xuan Hao didn't carry Yi Min all the way back to the Star Shattering Sect as she wanted to explore the city before she entered the Star Shattering Sect and began her process of recovery.

Although… Because Yi Min was still too weak to walk on her own, he still had to carry her while they made their way around the city. Exploring the different important locations inside the city.

At least he could still use his domain to make them invisible to the people wandering the busy streets of the city. Even if not everyone in the Star Shattering Sect knew about his appearance, a lot of people had still seen him before. Especially after the large sect meeting with the different subordinate powers that had taken place not too long ago.

During the meeting, Elder Song had wanted him to appear as a way to both intimidate and inspire these different subordinate powers and as result of this, most of the elders in the sect knew what he looked like. Not to mention, quite a few disciples had learnt from him in the past.

With this in mind, he would end up in a rather embarrassing situation if any of the disciples or elders happened to pass by and see him carry Yi Min around while she was acting like an excited child exploring the city.

"I didn't expect for there to be a branch from the Explorer Union in here, are you not worried about them being so close to your sect?" Just at this moment, Yi Min suddenly said this as she looked towards the branch of the Explorer Union located in the core of the city close to the path leading up the Ninth Star Peak and into the Star Shattering Sect.

"What do you mean? Is there a reason why I should worry about them? The strongest person present in this branch is only at the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, what can someone like that possibly do?" Hearing what Yi Min said, Xuan Hao could not help asking this.

Even if the strength of the person in charge of the Explorer Union had been replaced by someone stronger after the Star Shattering Sect had settled down and decided to develop the city, this person had only reached the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm and had absolutely no way to threaten the Star Shattering Sect with his strength.

Not only that, but he had never heard about the Explorer Union fighting anyone other than the times that someone had been stupid enough to try and destroy one of their branches. On the other hand, the presence of a branch from the Explorer Union helped increase the number of cultivators visiting the city it was placed in and helped the overall development of the area with a flow of new goods and resources coming from both the Explorer Union and the cultivators.

"I guess you aren't that familiar with the Explorer Union… Although they are neutral most of the time and don't involve themselves in any conflicts unless necessary, the same cannot be said if a ruin or an unexplored region is involved.

Given how special the Shattered Star Peaks are from what little I can see from down here, it will only be a matter of time before one of the higher ups from the Explorer Union shows up and asks to explore the place.

Considering that its essentially your sects main base, I doubt you would want people from the Explorer Union starting to explore the Shattered Star Peaks…"

"This… Would they really do something like that…?" Hearing what Yi Min said, Xuan Hao could not help showing a somewhat shocked expression on his face as he asked in a doubtful voice.

No matter what, he could not imagine that the Explorer Union would show up and ask to explore what was essentially the main sect of the Star Shattering Sect.

"Yeah… Unfortunately, it is something they might do. For example, do you know about the Blue Sea Empire?"

"Yes, I have visited one of their cities not too long ago."

"I see, did you notice any branch of the Explorer Union inside that city?"

"Yes, I saw one and it specialized in selling alchemy related things. If I'm not wrong there should be a larger one located at the core of the city, but I didn't take the time to visit it." Not understanding what Yi Min was trying to get at, Xuan Hao could only answer with a somewhat confused expression on his face.

"Hehe~ Outside of that, I believe that you shouldn't have seen any of the all-too-common explorers from the Explorer Union during your time inside the city... Right?"

"Yes?" Remembering how he had indeed not seen any people from the Explorer Union outside of the people working inside the alchemy related branch and the powerful expert he had sensed in the main branch of the city; Xuan Hao could not help feeling that it was indeed odd that he hadn't spotted any of the usual explorers that should have been present inside such a large city.

Even when looking at the city below the Ninth Star Peak that they were currently inside of, it was easy to spot someone from the Explorer Union walking past them every now and then.

"Hehe~ You noticed! Indeed, the Explorer Union does not have any real operations inside the Blue Sea Empire outside of a few treasure halls and other shops. Not only that, but any member of the Explorer Union entering the Blue Sea Empire will be noted down and watched closely when they get anywhere near the capital city of the Blue Sea Empire! Are you curious? Do you want to know why?"


Ignoring the somewhat excited expression on Yi Min's face as she said this, Xuan Hao could not help feeling his expression darken. Remembering how he had introduced himself as someone from the Explorer Union when confronted by the border guard. Even allowing her to record his aura while thinking that it shouldn't be a problem given the Explorer Union being a neutral force that existed all across the continent.

However, from the way Yi Min was talking about it, it was obvious that something had happened between the Explorer Union and the Blue Sea Empire in the past. Meaning that the identity he had given to the border guard might end up causing him problems if he visited the Blue Sea Empire in the future…

"Hm? Are you not curious…?" Seeing Xuan Hao remaining silent with a rather depressed look on his face, Yi Min curiously poked his face in an attempt to get a reaction.

"Huh? Ah… I was just thinking about how I might have used the identity of someone from the Explorer Union to enter the Blue Sea Empire back then…"

"Ah… That is… Troublesome…"

"Indeed, it is… So, what is the reason for there to be no explorers from the Explorer Union present inside the Blue Sea Empire?" Feeling a bit depressed over learning that he might have accidentally ended up creating a problem for himself in the future, Xuan Hao pulled away the curious finger that was still actively poking him without showing any signs of stopping what it was doing. At this point, he wanted to know just what had ended up happening between the Explorer Union and the Blue Sea Empire.

"S-sorry about that…" Feeling that the chaotic qi might also be affecting her state of mind, Yi Min blushed in embarrassment at being caught red-handed doing such a thing before quickly apologizing. "Ehm… The reason why the Blue Sea Empire and the Explorer Union are not getting along is actually rather simple.

As you should know, the Blue Sea Empire got its name from the massive inland sea that the capital city is located in the middle of… And the Explorer Union really wanted to explore this inland sea. Not just the sea but everything inside of it. Including the location where the capital city is located…"


"Yes… They decided to send a force to explore the entire capital city of the Blue Sea Empire. Not only that, but the experts they send over happened to break into the main palace in the center of the capital when the emperor at the time was having an intimate… Meeting… With one of his concubines…

From what I hear, a massive battle broke out following this. Resulting in almost every single one of the Explorer Union's branches in the Explorer Union being thrown out. In the end, they have only recently been allowed to return in some capacity to do trade after a new emperor ascended the throne and the old one retreated to cultivate in seclusion…"


Listening to what had happened between the Explorer Union and the Blue Sea Empire in the past, Xuan Hao understood why Yi Min thought it would not be a good idea to have the Explorer Union anywhere near the Shattered Star Peaks.

Not only because it would be best to avoid what had happened to the former emperor of the Blue Sea Empire, but also because there were some things, he didn't want others to find out about on the Shattered Star Peak, like the divine stones on the Second Star Peak or the things hidden on the Main Star Peak.

Although he could stop them with the chaotic qi formation, it would be better if he could avoid any form of confrontation with the Explorer Union. After all, it was a terrifying force that covered the entire continent.

Only a powerful empire like the Blue Sea Empire, with several experts in the Earth Immortal Realm and possibly experts beyond that, had the chance to fight back against such a terrifying force.

Chapter 1062: Past Incident in the Blue Sea Empire...
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