Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
Chapter 647: Future Expansion Plans

Along with the massive stream of people slowly making their way towards the Shattered Star Peaks to try and enter the Star Shattering Sect, the elders from the Star Shattering Sect wasted no time preparing a location where the massive number of people streaming over would stay.

Ending up constructing several new buildings to house the people making their way over to try and join of the Star Shattering Sect. The buildings in question were all located in the city below the Ninth Star Peak and had instantly causing the city to expand far and wide, as it barely managed to surpass the Flying Sword City in size due to this.

Other than the buildings for the young people who wanted to try and join the Start Shattering Sect, the thing that took the most time and effort, was preparing the different tests that these young people would have to go through to enter the Star Shattering Sect.

The person who was in charge of these tests, was not only Elder Song, but also Feng Chen and a few other important elders.

In the end, the tests that were prepared was split into three parts, a talent test, a combat test, and a comprehension test.

The tests would test the cultivator's innate talent, how well the person fared in combat against demon beasts and other humans and finally a test that would look at the comprehension ability of the cultivator.

After all three tests concluded, the top 1000 would join the Star Shattering Sect.

A sect elder would also be able to choose a disciple and that disciple would not end up counting towards the top 1000 people entering the sect.

Of course… With the requirement of becoming a sect elder being raised to the Nascent Soul Realm and close to half of these Nascent Soul Realm Elders being from the Half Spirit Race still adapting to their new environment and not really looking to take in any personal disciples, the chances of entering the Star Shattering this way was close to non-existent.

However, this fact did not deter any of the young people showing up from dreaming about being accepted as the personal disciple of an elder!

After all, becoming a personal disciple would not only allow them to enter the Star Shattering Sect, but would also allow them to instantly surpass the level of an outer sect disciple!

"I didn't expect so many people to show up after spreading the news of us accepting new disciples…" Standing on top of the Ninth Star Peak with large fields of spiritual herbs growing behind him, Elder Song could not help showing a surprised expression on his face when observing the massive number of people that had showed up to try and enter the sect below.

"Well… It is to be expected. After all, the Star Shattering Sect is the only sect located at the border of the Sky Empire that has a Domain Lord Realm Expert supporting it. Not to mention, more than one Domain Lord!

Of course, people from all the surrounding kingdoms will stream over." Standing beside Elder Song, the elder who had come from the Spring Flower Sect and ended up managing the Star Shattering Sect with him, was not as surprised at the number of people showing up as Elder Song was.

"I guess that is true…" Nodding his head in understanding after hearing this, Elder Song turned his attention back towards the large number of young people gathering towards the city located below the Ninth Star Peak.

Staring at the stream of people that could still be seen entering the city, Elder Song could not help felling that only one thousand people getting accepted into the Star Shattering Sect might be a bit too few… But then again, the current acceptance of new disciples was not to accept a massive number of disciples but was just to accept a few excellent ones to enter the Shattered Star Peaks.

Accepting a large quantity of disciples was something that would normally be done in the branches of a large sect. From here, disciples of these branches would then be able to try and enter the main sect. Rarely did the main sect of a large sect with someone in the Domain Lord Realm backing it directly accept disciples itself.

In the future, the Star Shattering Sect would also do something similar to that, but currently, the branches of the Star Shattering Sect were still not ready to accept a large quantity of disciples, as the sect elders at the Nascent Soul Realm were still mostly staying inside the main sect at the Seventh Star Peak.

The only branch sects that were fully operating with one or more Nascent Soul Realm Elder watching over it, was the past main sect of the Flying Sword Sect and the Spring Flower Sect.

Thinking about this, Elder Song felt determined to quickly get the Half Spirit Race fully settled down so he could send some of their Nascent Soul Realm Experts out as elders to manage some of the branches under the Star Shattering Sect.

"Hm? It looks like there is also quite a few people from the surrounding kingdoms and sects mixed in among the people… Looks like they are trying to find out more about us!" Glancing down towards the stream of people below, Elder Song could not help frowning while saying this

"Well, that is a given. After all, when we expand in the future, we won't be able to avoid conflict with these different kingdoms and sects."

"Indeed… But I still hope we will be able to do things more peacefully. Given the fact that we have the support of Grand Elder Xuan Hao and Shu Yao, this should be doable." Turning his attention away from the stream of people moving into the recently expanded city below, Elder Song glanced towards the old female elder that had been working together with him over the past year.

Curious about her response.

"Sure, but some of them are sure to resist even knowing they are going up against a Domain Lord. Especially the more powerful kingdoms with more than one Half Step Domain Lord Realm Expert supporting it!"

"Haaa… Guess we can't avoid it; they should be hoping one of them breaks through to the Domain Lord Realm before we start expanding." Hearing what she said, Elder Song could not help sighing to himself as he thought about the more powerful kingdom located around the Star Shattering Sect.

Given that the Star Shattering Sect would have to expand in the future, Elder Song already knew a bit about these powerful kingdoms. The most powerful of which was the Flame Sky Kingdom that had been the de facto leader of the small kingdoms located in the border region of the Sky Empire for the past thousand years without anyone being able to challenge their reign.

Now that the Star Shattering Sect had suddenly appeared and inevitably threatened their existence, it was only given that Elder Song was already thinking up ways to deal with this kingdom without having to start an all-out war. Especially considering the fact that it was a kingdom that had more than one Domain Lord in it in the past and would definitely have some safety measures left from those Domain Lord Realm Experts.

At least the information network of the Star Shattering Sect that was mainly operated by the servant quarters that had slowly begun expanding across the entire border region of the Sky Empire, had already managed to find out that the noble houses of the Flame Sky Kingdom was currently split up into two factions. One for establishing friendly ties with the Star Shattering Sect and one wanting to remain independent.

According to the information that could be gained so far, the royal family had yet to take a stance on the issue and was most likely waiting to find out if one of their Half Step Domain Lord Realm ancestors could break through to the Domain Lord Realm.

However, this in turn had caused the tension between these factions to grow, as there were even signs of them starting a fight with each other.

If that really happened, Elder Song would be more than happy to secretly start supporting the side that wanted to establish friendly ties with his sect. After all, if they ended up winning, the Star Shattering Sect should be able to easily expand across the Flame Sky Kingdom in the future without any resistance.

Not only the Flame Sky Kingdom, but the same could also be done in the other large kingdoms with Half Step Domain Lord Realm Experts defending them…

"Hehe…" Chuckling softly to himself as an unfitting evil smile appeared on his face while thinking about the different kingdoms that would end up standing in the way of the Star Shattering Sect expanding, Elder Song could not help wanting to expand the information network connected to the servant quarters of the sect even further so this could be done without any problems.

After all, all things considered, the servant quarters information network was still far too small to cover the kingdoms located in border region of the Sky Empire close to the Star Shattering Sect.

Let alone have the ability to secretly support the different factions in favour of the Star Shattering Sect inside these kingdom…

Chapter 647: Future Expansion Plans
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