Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1703: Brunhild's Soaring Growth!

Kireina watched the scene from afar, as she was swarmed by dozens of gigantic Mutated Wyverns she was defeating one by one through the combination of Skills, Path Jewel Abilities, and her Ego Weapons and Summons combined might. She noticed the growth of Sol and everyone else, smiling a bit. Although she noticed Luminous was going through a small pickle, she was too busy dealing with the swarm of monsters to even help everyone else.

However, she felt happy that they were finally awakening their Divine Powers, which has already been developing within them for a long time. Like she had already discovered before, those that grew very powerful and Leveled to higher Ranks would begin developing Divinity Stat, this Divinity Stat enhanced their power furthermore each time they increased that Stat and also as they leveled up, as Divinity Stat increased like all other Stats.

Kireina had already investigated that the Divinity stat was directly connected to Divinity as a whole, Law Comprehension and Elemental Particles, alongside Divine Authorities and even Daos! It all came together within this Stat, and the higher it was, the higher they continued advancing. Now his friends had finally begun to awaken their powers furthermore, and many of them were emanating the aura of Daos. Sol himself had already awakened the Dao of Nova, further enchanting his power, and giving him the ability to be able to damage these incredibly strong Wyverns.

For some reason Kireina couldn't figure out, people in this world developed in levels of power to that of gods very easily. Usually, from C Rank and onwards they would already be at the level of Living Deities (with the exception of Kireina which showed the power of a Living Deity since the moment she was summoned thanks to her inherited skills and powers). C- to C+ would be Living Deity and Demigods in level of power, and from B- to B+ Gods and Great Gods! And those that were at the border of B Rank such as Kireina and the rest of her allies, which were bordering to A Rank and beyond, S Rank, the power of Supreme Deities was beginning to awaken.

In this wild world, S Ranked Monsters might be the top of the food chain, and Kireina had ran several comparations, deciding to accept that they might as well be as strong as Supreme Gods, and due to the Leveling System expanding further and further, it might as well meant there was something even beyond that… Based in these calculations, it wasn't wild to say that from B+ onwards, the path towards Supreme Gods would open to most, but only those that went through constant challenges would be able to truly awaken their Divine Powers and even Develop Daos.

Which was now what all her Party was doing, the more they increased the Divinity Stat as high as possible, the more they would begin to awaken their innate powers, somehow being sealed by this world's laws. The origin of the Soul Books of this world and Levels and Skills was obviously more profound and complex than even Genesis' System.

In a way, it felt more like unlocking a person's soul true potential than receiving the aid of an external force like the System of Genesis… And right now, those that were awakening their divinities had to add as many Stat Points as possible into the Divinity Stat to do so.

As Brunhild saw Luminous going through a challenge of life and death, she tried to help the good-hearted dragon god, but everything seemed futile. Frank and Kireina, the heavy hitters, were all busy fighting swarms of hundreds of Mutated Wyverns, and couldn't come to help immediately. She was the one closest to him distance-wise, so she had to do everything she could!

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And what's better than simply infusing all Stat Points into Divinity, as Kireina instructed everybody to do? Brunhild quickly obeyed her "teacher" as she infused all these points into Divinity, enhancing her power further!


[Your Divinity Stat has increased tremendously!]

[You have developed your Divinity!]

Brunhild saw many messages pop up, as she felt her Mana had become increasingly vast and she could conjure even stronger spells now without as much difficulty as before.

And that wasn't all… Small Fragments began to gather around her Origin Core, forming into something solid. Albeit incomplete, it was still incredibly powerful, boosting her magic power furthermore.


[You have developed the [Great Dao Fragment of Magic] and the [Great Dao Fragment of Arcanists]!]

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[Your Magic Power has been enhanced further!]

[Magic Circle Creation has become Instantaneous]

[Chanting has become unneeded, however, for the creation of new Spells, the first chant is necessary]

"This is…!"

Brunhild's eyes shone brightly, the beautiful young giantess waved her enormous staff as her Mana flowed almost a hundred times more vaster than before doing this! In mere seconds, a hundred Magic Circles appeared at the same time.

"Combine… I have to fuse my magic…! Fusion Magic: [Elemental Catastrophe] x100!"


A hundred rainbow-colored magic circles emerged above the Evil Dragon, unleashing several elemental attacks at once! Enormous Blazing Meteors, Slicing Tornadoes, Mountain-sized Rock Projectiles, Floods of Spiraling Water, Gigantic Spear-shaped Icebergs, and more!

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The Evil Dragon couldn't take all the hits at once, being burned, sliced, frozen, and hit multiple times from all sides. His hands let go of Luminous to defend himself from Brunhild's onslaught, as he unleashed a deadly shockwave of Miasma and Darkness everywhere!



Brunhild shielded herself with Magic Barriers, resisting the powerful shockwave of the Evil Shadow Dragon, only to notice Luminous behind the Evil Dragon moving! The moment the Evil Dragon let go of him, Luminous furiously attacked back!

"I'll show you what a Dragon can do!! ROOOARR!"

His jaws opened, unleashing a destructive Dragon Breath Attack resembling an endless Beam of Holy Light, blasting through the Evil Dragon's back, and piercing through his bones and flesh as Luminous felt the power of his Daos boosting his attack!

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The Evil Dragon agonized, taking the lethal hit!


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