Epic of Caterpillar
Chapter 1996: The Return Of Aldrich!

Hedlehash's Divine Spiritual Energies flew into her newest creation, as hundreds of Insectoids started being absorbed by the titan, who had been reduced to half its size thanks to Kireina's mighty Skill.


In a split of a second, the chimera's entire body regenerated back, gaining several new layers of bones and armor, alongside several new pairs of skeleton-like arms, holding swords, axes, maces, shields, and spears.

The Aura it exuded now was completely different than before, its powers converging together with what it had absorbed of the Army of Insectoids, gaining an even more potent presence…


[Hedlehash, the Sorceress of Parasites and Insectoids] has blessed her [Creation] with new Strength and Divine Spiritual Energy!]

[Over five hundred Insectoids have merged with the [Creation], regenerating its wound and further transforming it into an even larger threat!]

[All of the [Creation] Stats have further increased by +200%, and all of its Spiritual Energy Power has increased by +500%!]

[The Monstrous [Creation] has set its eyes into you!]



The two heads roared together. The Sleeping Lady attempted to paralyze Kireina with her [Agonizing Shriek], while the Stoic Knight roared, attempting to gain bravado and intimidate her.


However, Kireina was unfazed before their mighty roars, her smile never leaving her face. She admired the monstrous entity, looking at Hedlehash from afar with her Cosmic Eyes.

"You've sure created a magnificent being with the "materials" you got there…" She laughed. "Sadly for you, their abilities cannot affect me."

In front of her, the Origin System showcased the reason why!


[The [Creation] has attempted to inflict you with [Fear]!]

[You've resisted it!]

[The [Creation] has attempted to inflict you with [Confusion]!]

[You've resisted it!]

[The [Creation] has attempted to inflict you with [Paralysis]!]

[You've resisted it!]

[The [Creation] has attempted to inflict you with [Weakness]!]

[You've resisted it!]

[Thanks to having ascended into a [World Devourer], lower ranked Status Ailments cannot faze you nor affect you.]

[Additionally, if they were to ever affect you, your body is constantly being encompassed by an invisible [Veil of Devouring], all status ailments will be eaten.]

"As expected."


With a furious roar, the abomination stepped forward, swinging over a dozen gigantic arms that could easily blow away entire mountains, all of them descending to the small figure that was Kireina in front of them!

The Undead attempted to stop his arms, forming walls of their own bodies stacked over one another, but they ended being blown away with ease, not even the Great Undead Kings could face the entity, their bodies exploding into pieces as the aberration's fists hit them.

"Don't worry, it's not like I've forgotten about you!"

Kireina boldly rushed towards the beast, its gigantic skeletal, crystal-made arms attacking her rapidly, with a speed unbefitting of its ridiculous size!

"[Divine Cosmic Spearmanship Arts]: [Soul-Devouring Star Fall]!"


Four powerful strikes were unleashed, each one so strong it seemed as if they were explosive beams of darkness and light coiling together, blasting through the body of the abomination, its arms falling apart constantly.

Yet, they kept regenerating as more Insectoids flew towards its body, too many for Kireina's army to properly handle and the aberration too large for Kireina to check every nook and cranny where the beasts could hide.

"Looks like we're in a bit of a pickle here, Kireina, you got a bit too cocky now."

"This beast… might be weaker than the Necrotic Ruler when he possessed the Realm Core, but still…"

Black and White were aware of its power. Its strange Spiritual Energy was constantly trying to corrode their metals and souls as well, if it wasn't for Kireina coating them in her Devouring Aura and Cosmic Energy, they would had already melted.

"Well, it's only a bit peculiar. But nothing too much." Kireina smiled, as she constantly clashed against the beast's attacks, which came endlessly.

Not only weapon attacks with titanic-sized arms, but also beams of darkness, light, and phantasmal spiritual energies which attempted to pierce through her defenses, only to stop at her Swarm Armor, made out of the compressed power of over a thousand Monsters fused within her Swarm.


Kireina had yet to go all-out but was beginning to gauge that this beast was quite mighty. She quickly smiled, deciding to use this as the perfect excuse to create yet another New Ego.

Wielding her two Spears with two new arms she grew above her shoulders, while her other Egos were distributed to the other two Doppelganger Bodies she sent out, she found it the perfect opportunity to create a new weapon with the many materials available!


With a mighty roar, the chimeric beast attacked Kireina once more, its chest suddenly shapeshifting into a monstrous wolf-like head and attempting to bite her into smithereens!

However, in that very instant, one of Kireina's hands suddenly summoned several materials, fusing them together, including her own Path Jewel of Necromancy, with a very strong Divine Ego!



[You have fused: [Null's Bone Fragment (??? Grade)] x1 + [Netherworld Ruler's Broken Scythe (S Grade)] x1 + [Crystalized Spirit Dragon's Rainbow Flames Shards (S+ Grade)] x3 + [Etheric Spirit Metal (S+ Grade)] x3 + [Divine Path Jewel: Primordial Death Necromancy]!]

[All Materials have converged together through the [Item Ego Creation Forgery], fusing with a powerful [Divine Ego Fragment]!]

"I shall name you Aldrich."



All materials converged together, taking the beautiful shape of a huge black and bone-made scythe, exuding not only the power of necrotic energy, death, phantasmal energy, darkness, and even spiritual power, but also the mighty authority of the Void, from whom Null's bone created!

The beautiful scythe, amazingly decorated with hundreds of Necrotic Runes stared to overflow with Void and Death Energies, distorting space, and time even within the strong Spiritual Plane, where it was much harder to do such a thing!


[You have successfully created the [Abyssal Netherworld's Primordial Necrotic Path Jewel Scythe: Aldrich (S+++ Grade)] Maxima Summon Ego!]

[The power of [Aldrich] is now connected to your Soul and Body as you've equipped this new Primordial Ego!]

[The might of the Cosmic Authorities of Death and Void fill your body with new power!]

[Name]: [Aldrich] [Rank]: [S+++]

[Race]: [Abyssal Netherworld's Primordial Necrotic Path Jewel Scythe]

[Job Class]: [Primordial Lord of Death]

[Subclass]: [Void Manipulator]

[Level]: [0/120]

[HP]: [200.000/200.000]

[MP]: [700.000/700.000]

[Strength]: [70.000]

[Agility]: [80.000]

[Vitality]: [50.000]

[Intelligence]: [300.000]

[Dexterity]: [80.000]

[Cosmic Power]: [100.000]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [True Sentient Divine Path Jewel Ego: Lv--] [Embodiment of Death: Lv--] [Embodiment of Void: Lv--] [Master and Ego Connection: Lv--] [Maxima Summon: Lv--] [Master Connection: Kireina: Lv--] [Maxima Summon Physique: Lv--] [Supreme Undead Necrotic Ego: Lord of Death Aldrich: Lv--] [Corrupted Evil Spirit: Lv--]

[Body Skills]: [Automatic Self Repair: Lv10] [Death Assimilation: Lv5] [Void Assimilation: Lv5] [Cosmic Assimilation: Lv5] [Supreme Death Lord Existence: Lv5] [Void Distorting Existence: Lv5] [Great Netherworld Realm Soul: Lv5]

[Resistance Skills]: [Status Effect Immunity: Lv--] [Elemental Damage Resistance: Lv10] [Divine Power Assimilation: Lv5] [Cosmic Power Assimilation: Lv5] [Void Assimilation: Lv5] [Death Assimilation: Lv5] [Spiritual Energy Absorption: Lv5]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Primordial Death Essence Manipulation: Lv5] [Primordial Necrotic Death Emperor Domain: Lv5] [Necrotic Death Gates of the End and Skeleton Claws of Death: Lv5] [Supreme Undead Embodiment: Lord of Death Aldrich: Lv5] [Necrotic Undeath Sacrifice:Lv5] [Ultimate Necrotic Death Scythe Arts: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Endless Supreme Necromancy: Lv5] [Veil of Phantasmal Nether: Lv5] [Eternal Undeath Legion: Lv5] [Ultimate Necrotic Termination: Lv5] [Undead Towers of Dominion: Lv5] [Cosmic Death Curse: Lv5] [Void Terminus: Lv1] [Primordial Undead Detonation: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Lord of Death Aldrich: Lv5] [Death Ruler: Lv5] [Void Ruler: Lv5] [King of Corpses: Lv5] [Impossible Existence: Lv1]

It wasn't just an Ego, and it wasn't just a Maxima Summon, it was a Path Jewel Ego, which was also boosted further by being turned into a Maxima Summon, and it had the shape and form of a giant, black and skeletal scythe!

This was perhaps Kireina's greatest creation yet!

"Hahaha… HAHAHAHA!"

The laughter of a madman that once almost conquered the entire Necrotic Plane by himself before being defeated by its Ruler echoed, now revived as Kireina grasped the concept of what Egos truly were!

"I am grateful for your benevolence, my new Master! I, Aldrich, the Supreme Lord of Death, shall not disappoint you!" He laughed. "Not even now, in this new form of mine!"

Kireina's new weapon clashed wildly against the chimera's jaws, generating a huge explosion across the heavens, shaking the very Plane's pillars of reality!


Chapter 1996: The Return Of Aldrich!
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