In mere seconds, an army of Dragons made of heavenly light emerged, wearing knight-like armor, and holding swords and lances alongside large shields! Blood and Shadow Elements were incredibly weak to Holy Light Element, so I capitalized on that!

The army of Holy Dragons, each one of fifty meters of height flew against the Divine Monsters, clashing against them intensively. Enormous beams of light began hitting all the dozens of enormous behemoths chasing me down. There were even Rank 9 Divine Monsters here, too strong that they would definitely end up trapping me within their shadows if I were to get ambushed by them.

I can certainly beat everyone here, but that would imply wasting time, something I do not have too much of! However, these dragons alone are simply going to die too quickly, so I quickly conjured several buffs over them, and even combined Spirits to enhance their strength further.

"Divine Spirit Creation: [Impenetrable Primordial Ice Dragon Scale Armor Spirit]! [Heavenly Holy Spear Spirit]! [Heavenly Holy Shield Spirits]! [Heavenly Holy Sword Spirits]! Divine Soul Forging Arts: [All Soul Enhancement]!"


A flash of bright light suddenly encompassed all of my Spirits, as they suddenly gained brand new living weapons and shields, alongside receiving a boost to the power of their very souls, becoming up to four times as stronger as before!





An enormous war quickly broke out! My Spirits began massacring more and more monsters. The strongest Rank 9 Monsters were actually putting a good fight but they were still being held on by the coordination and strategies of my Dragon Spirits.

Leaving things to them, I flew directly towards Ruby, using magic to hasten my speed to insane levels.

"Divine Wind Magic: [Heaven Defying Storm]!"


I used a devastating, heaven-defying storm to encompass my body, hastening my speed to completely ridiculous levels. In mere seconds I crossed hundreds of kilometers, landing right in front of where Ruby was!


My claws hit the ground, shattering the floor, and shaking the entire Divine Realm.

Crack… crack!

At the same time, the hellish sound of the Divine Realm's barriers shattering like glass reverberated across the entire Divine Realm, forcing me to hurry up.


And there she was, as I glanced in front of me, Ruby was floating while sleeping inside of a red-colored bubble, alongside several other Red Gem-imbued Accessories.

She was trapped, as a red-colored spiderweb-like power kept her stuck in the middle of an enormous formation made up of over five gigantic, black-colored stone pillars imbued with red jewels.

Below her there was a gigantic magic circle, shattered, and not glowing anymore. It seemed that Red was planning to absorb her powers while she was kept inside of her divine realm!

Good thing I stopped her before she could, and the entire formation broke.

Nonetheless, this spiderweb was keeping her stuck here.

Well, I'll just have to wreck it!

I opened my jaws to prepare for a powerful Dragon Breath, only to be suddenly interrupted by countless masses of phantasmal red essence pouring from the ground and reaching up to me.

Countless twisting faces and red eyes glared at me!


Out of the blue, a gigantic mass of red-colored divine phantom began to emerge from the floor of the Divine Realm, its endless tentacles grasping my legs viciously as I felt my energy being drained away!

The entity was made up of countless eyes and gross-looking jaws and tentacles, and its very presence sent a shiver down my spine.

[Drake! It's the Vampire Venerable's Soul! I don't know how, but he's still alive!]

"You again…!"

"I won't die so EASILY! Not when my rebirth is right within my GRASP!"

Oh I see, so this bastard's still clinging to life just so he can take over Ruby's body. He's probably the one that controlled the first wolf pack and then the enormous army of monsters as well.

Even when the Divine Realm is collapsing, he believes he can make it in time as long as he reaches Ruby. I suppose it makes sense, he's a cunning bastard.

"Even when I completely destroyed and shattered your soul, you're still grasping to life…?!"

"Heh, you're just coping with it now! I will get to her before you! In fact, I HAVE!"


An enormous shadow emerged all around the pillars encompassing the formation where Ruby was trapped inside, enormous red eyes and tentacles started to encompass everything, as he was attempting to grab into Ruby.

Meanwhile, the hundreds of Blood Divine Monsters showed up all around me from within the Red Mist, attacking me furiously, all while I was being entangled in the Venerable's tentacles, with their deadly jaws, they tried to tear apart my body and soul… I rushed towards Ruby with everything I had, but countless tentacles kept dragging me back!



The Venerable's soul approached Ruby more and more, as I gritted my teeth and prepared a Dragon Breath to blast him away, even if it slightly risked Ruby's life as she was in the way…!

"We finally meet you once more, you damned bloodsucking bastard."

"I can see that you're not in your best attire, huh, Alucard?"


Suddenly, two figures emerged out of thin air at my side.

Not even I believed it when I saw them.

A beautiful pink-haired fox woman wearing Japanese kimono showing Sakura flowers, she had long, fluffy fox tails, and her presence overflowed with Spiritual Power and Dream Divinity.

And at her side, a tall, gorgeous muscular, blue-skinned woman, with long and sharp ice crystal horns, and white tattoos across her body, she wore a powerful armor made of crystals, and held into a gigantic sword…

Both of them exuded a powerful, Supreme Divine Aura.

"Venerable of Dreams and the Frost Queen!"

I was taken aback, the same as the Venerable of Blood.

"Y-You two are here?! WHY?! No… I won't let you interfere!!!"

Chapter 1093: Unexpected Guests
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