Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1283: Chasing The Deep One

(Drake's POV)

I had half-expected this to happen. Despite everyone's efforts, at the end this bastard's other half ended getting out of his cage. And now that he had brought the possessed body of Ran here, he swiftly fused with her to overpower me.

I cannot really get mad at my friends, at the end they prioritized the safety of the little princess and the queen, who were innocents that had been brainwashed by the Deep One.

Now's my turn to clean up this mess, and make sure that this bastard doesn't ever get to have a second chance, at all.

"Now that you're missing your other half, it seems that you've grown weaker, Deep One." I said with a smirk.

"Weaker…? Perhaps." Laughed the entity. "However, with this new body… With this new power… I shall never lose again, even less against you, lizard!"

"Hoh? We'll see about that!" I laughed boldly.


I moved across the depths of the seas at super sonic speed like a literal torpedo, my new Divine Sea Dragon form enhancing my swimming speed to tremendous levels, making me faster underwater than I could ever be in the skies or land.

"Huh?! You're coming straight at me, bastard?!"

The Deep One didn't expected me to just go straight against him even as he was possessing the infected body of a Primordial Dragon. Perhaps in normal circumstances I would be slightly more cautious… but there's no such point in this form!

"Yeah, if I don't get closer, I can't beat the shit out of you! Ariel!"



Ariel began overflowing with power, as two Blue Orb Fragments that I possessed flew towards her and temporary fused with her.

An enormous amount of divine power rushed across my body, as I felt the strength of Aquarius coursing through every vein in my body.

His spirit was with me, watching over this battle!


[You have exchanged 153600000 Divine Points!]

[Your Divine Core Rank has increased from Rank 9 Middle Stage to Rank 9 Upper Stage!]

[All of your Stats have greatly increased!]

[All of your Divine Abilities Strength has increased!]

[All of your Divinities have become stronger!]

New strength continued growing across my entire body, as the powers of the two Blue Orb Fragments I held, combined with Ariel, my Spirits, my two other Divine Weapons, and the many Divine Abilities and Divinities I possessed converged together.

"Hah! You bold bastard!"

The Deep One laughed at me as he quickly started moving with his new, and gigantic vessel. Ran's body moved at almost the same speed I could despite being almost ten times as big. However, he was just a bit slower than me.

And that was enough.


He attempted to evade my attacks while I chased him across the oceans. The sea currents were constantly clashing against one another as we controlled the seas with almost the same authority and power.


"Y-You damn bastard! How come you've grown this powerful to compare with this vessel?!" He roared furiously.

"Ran was already weak and wounded when you possessed him, fool. Did you think you could become the king of the seas by possessing their dying queen?!" I laughed.

That moment, Ariel, Skadi, and Uller converged together with the help of Gabriel, Rose, and Belle possessing them and then fusing into a single, divine relic through the power of [Spirit Relic Fusion], a divine spell I had created some time ago.

A beautiful golden trident emerged from their fusion, shining brightly as it emanated a rainbow aura of several divinities and divine spiritual authorities merged together all into a single relic.


[You have temporarily merged [Divine Ice Blade: Uller] [Divine Primordial Ice Spear: Skadi] [Divine Blood Spirit: Rose] [Divine Holy Light Spirit: Gabriel] [Divine Dream Spirit: Belle] and [Divine Trident of the Sea King: Ariel] together to create a powerful, Divine Relic: [Ancient Trident of the Seven Primordial Seas]!]


Its resplendent form quickly blinded the Deep One's sight senses, as it brightened the dark and deep seas around us in a second. Its overflowing power, now merged with the energy of two Blue Orb Fragments was in another whole level.

"W-What is that power?! G-Get away from me!" The Deep One panicked, as he conjured thousands of tentacles made of nightmares and chaos, and controlling the seas to push me away.



An overwhelming power, an Authority, overpowered his strength and magic as all the ocean surrounding us suddenly felt like an extension of my own body.


[The Power of the Divine Relic: [Ancient Trident of the Seven Primordial Seas] has reacted with the two Blue Orb Fragments!]

[A temporary [Divine Primordial Authority of the Ocean God] has been created!]

[All surrounding oceans that you're directly in contact with shall become your domain as long as this effect lasts!]

[Additionally, while in the oceans, all your stats will increase by an additional +300%, and your Water Attribute Divine Magic will increase in Power by +400%!]

[Effect Duration: 5 Minutes.]

More than enough time!

"You cannot win against me when we are in the oceans, Deep One!"


All oceans around Ran's body began to distort and wrap around her, squeezing her gigantic body tightly and starting to break it apart, while destroying the darkness possessing her body… which seemed lifeless by now.

Only her soul was trapped inside. I suppose I don't have to hold back then! I'll free her from this horrible fate and kill this bastard.

"N-No… W-What is this power?!" The Deep One cried in horror. "S-Stop! STOOOP!"


His soul unleashed all of its powers, generating pure darkness that suddenly evaporated all the water around him, turning it into steam.


"Where are you going, coward?!"

The Deep One grew desperate, escaping from the oceans and flying into the skies with Ran's gigantic body, flying directly towards the island.

"Maybe in the seas I can't win, but can you stop me in the skies?!" He laughed.

"We sure can!" Ruby said, emerging right in front of him.

"Huh?! Y-You?!"

"Missed me? [Blood Curse Amplification]!"


Chapter 1283: Chasing The Deep One
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