Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System
Chapter 1530: The World Of Zipangu

Chapter 1530 The World Of Zipangu

After some careful consideration and testing, I found out my family could all eat and digest demon meat just fine. They went through a similar thing than I did, where it is so spicy the throat feels like its melting, but once they got past that and got used to the intensity, the spiciness becomes almost addicting.

Benladann, Miranda, Benladra, and Kate all ate a few dozen dishes with demon meat, accompanied with some Elixir I made using Divine Medicinal Herbs to make sure they wouldn't get some sort of terrible stomachache. And the results came quickly, just half an hour after their meals, their bodies seemed to slightly adapt. It wasn't as if they could wield the energy, they had no way to produce it or store it, but their bodies gained a natural Resistance.

Within their Status, I noticed the [Lesser Demonic Attribute Resistance] Skill, not a Divine Ability. The later can only be formed through the harnessing of Divine Power in large quantities and combining Spells into it while also using Materials.

Or well, that's the conventional way, I can just purchase those, although my allies or family that share a part of the System through the Job Changing Function, cannot learn Divine Abilities like I can, but they can acquire new Skills based in the Jobs they chose.

Nonetheless, even then, it was amazing, even if qualified as "Lesser", the skill description points out that it can grow over time. The base damage reduction is of -5%, and it also grants more tolerance to the destructive power of demonic energy.

"This is amazing, I can't believe we can permanently boost our resistance against those damn demons like this!" Miranda said. "This is really good, actually. We have to just eat all of those demons and demonic beasts we got."

"I guess you'll have to cook a lot more, dear. Is that alright with you?" Benladann was a bit worried that I might overwork myself.

"Don't worry. I'll work on more recipes and perfect them so even those with a lesser regeneration can also digest it to an extent and gain some resistance too." I nodded. "That includes all of you guys- But for now, don't try to eat anything, alright?"

"Sure, I wasn't going to anyways." Surtr said. "I felt a bit disgusted about that meat… I'm amazed your family can stomach all of that with ease. You guys are sure amazing."

"We've eaten a lot of things through our life." Laughed Benladann.

"I wasn't curious about it either…" Emerald sighed. "But if it can protect us from the damage we take from those evil demons, it might be good!"

"Hey Emerald, I had no idea you had this form of yours!" Amehia had been a bit obsessed with him since he transformed. "You're around my size now, if not a bit taller! It's amazing, I thought you would remain giant forever!"

"Eh? Ah, well, it's a new spell they taught me just now…" Emerald was a bit embarrassed while Amehia was touching his muscular arms. "Anyways, with this test done, I guess I can begin cooking some more of this while we got time." I sighed in relief. "Now that we've all been eating well and all, it's time to talk things out in more detail, everyone. First of all, Yuki."

"Y-Yes?! What about me, Drake?" Yuki asked embarrassedly. Her whole appearance had given a sudden change, she looked like some sort of Japanese goddess in both looks and clothes. The only thing that remained of the previous Yuki were her common features and well, her personality.

Seriously, her appearance looked so delicate compared to before that she seemed like some sort of doll, it was unbelievable how much she changed. She still had her animal features but toned down much more.

"You've changed way too much! Can I get an explanation on what the hell happened?" I asked her. "Did you really just almost die?!"

"I-I… Well, yes." She sighed, lowering her head. "But we made it out anyways!"

"You reckless little…!" I got slightly too angry. "I told you all that you should run away when there's a danger you are certain you cannot win against! Instead of trying to fight that Demon Lord, you should have simply run away! The village would have been destroyed, but you all would have survived. One wrong step back then and many of you would have died for real!"

As I gave my rant, everyone simply remained in silence, listening to my words. None of them wanted to go against my words, deep down it looked like they truly agreed to it. They were too reckless.

"We're sorry…" Pekora sighed. "This is also my fault; I should had told them to run away. I was too reckless myself. I felt like I wanted to prove myself… Perhaps after all these battles we've had, it felt like only you and your family grew stronger, while all of us remained as weak as before."

"So you just wanted to prove yourselves?" I sighed, facepalming. "Ugh, I get it, but even then… I don't want to lose any of you guys. Not even you, Rakasha, Tisha, you two are too reckless. Especially Rakasha, it feels like you don't even value your life!"

"I'm sorry, Drake…" Rakasha apologized. "I oftentimes think that… Sacrificing myself is the only way for my life to be worth something. I… You know that I lost everything long ago, right? It's… hard to get over this. Even… now."

I felt slightly sad once he said those words, I could see the sorrow within his eyes. "Okay, alright… For now, Yuki, tell me, what happened? And… Who are you exactly?"

"Err… It's hard to explain, actually." Yuki laughed nervously. "I'll summon them so it can be explained more easily."

FLAAASH! Suddenly, Yuki summoned two gigantic Beast Spirits, who exuded powerful Divine Auras like I had never seen before within Spirits. A giant phoenix covered on feathers made of ice, and a majestic white tiger, overflowing with a golden aura of brilliance.

"It is nice to meet you, Yggdrasil's Dragon King." The Phoenix said.

"It is good that we can finally speak." The Tiger nodded. "We have a lot of things we need to tell you now."

"Y-You can talk?!" I was flabbergasted. "And about what?"

"Zipangu." Both said at the same time.

Chapter 1530: The World Of Zipangu
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