Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World
Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

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Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, and Action genres. Written by the Author DamnPlotArmor. 153 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In a world where martial artists reign supreme, strength is everything. Unfortunately, that logic doesn't apply to a certain Florida Man.

Refined in the nuclear fallout wasteland, Leo was the strongest mutant alive. He carried an alien artifact, allowing him to exchange his lifespan for modern items. After 50,000 years of solitary life in a humanless world, he collected enough lifespan to transmigrate to another habitable world.

Leo was later thrown into a mysterious planet. He soon discovered that his body produced radiation, and it mutated the surrounding plants and grasses. Worrying that he might ruin the beautiful planet, he chose to live in seclusion.

Unfortunately, the local population soon discovered his existence, and a misunderstanding ensued.

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  • Therisis_GraveReader 10

    The two star has been deleted 👍 Your Report has been resolved by System Admin (3 hours ago) Reported Review (User: 0NJK0) A very funny story but it's just that , it's good ven you don't think about the story and all but well I'm not one of does and it really enjoying . The report you specified for user review: He provided 2 stars for the sake of providing 2 stars, he failed to account that he only read 12 chapters to the novel, hence, he not only did not capture the essence of this novel, he also probably discouraged people trying to read this masterpiece

  • Nivevin 6

    The War in Leo's world must have been insane because the nuclear winter in his world lasted for 50k years while the one in fallout lasted for 200

  • Alygrynd 6

    If you want something similar to this, (i dunno, i havent read this yet) you can try out "im not the demon lord's lackey" it was manhwa or manwha or manga or whatever, and also a finished novel

  • Santiago_1100 1

    The man is refined in nuclear fallout wasteland and the store have a letter saying we sell weed. This is a trully interesting sinopsis. Like breaking bad in Chernobil.

  • SCP_173_snaps_necks 6

    Someone gave this novel a 2-star review. D:

  • MysticCosmos 2

    A store in Florida with a sign saying; "we sell weed"? Very interesting.

  • SCP_173_snaps_necks 6

    Wow, this is on trending already.

  • Lee0n 6

    No harem tag was what I all needed 😭😭😭

  • Light22_ 7

    Came here by reading that title is it good?

  • Mille_tcf 3

    I didn't understand what the synopsis meant, but I'll give it a chance