God of Tricksters
Chapter 1830: Fighting Theodon

"…" Theo and Theodon were staring at each other. Theo knew Theodon wished to die in a battle. Although it was just a projection of him, it would be a disgrace if he disappeared without doing anything.

At the same time, he was planning to teach Theo about the Reality power that Theo hadn't mastered yet.

They might have a different concept of Reality, but they still had the same Order and Authority.

Theo hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. "I understand. Though…"

Theodon glanced to the side, knowing what Theo implied. A battle between two Saints would be disastrous. The two kids might end up getting involved in this battle, so it was better if they fought somewhere else.

Theo and Theodon had the same understanding and moved to the west at the same time until they were far enough from the kids.

"This should be enough." Theodon took a deep breath. "I hope that you don't disappoint me."

"I'll do my best." Theo nodded with a serious expression. "Let's do it then."

Both of them were staring at each other. They gradually released their Magic Power.

"…" Theo noticed something was wrong. When they were releasing the Magic Power, Theodon seemed to stop releasing his Magic Power as if he had reached his limit.

It was clear that Theodon was severely weakened since he was just a projection of his power from the past. And his gems that used to fuel up his strength had gone to his blade.

If Theo couldn't defeat Theodon even with this huge handicap, he didn't know whether he had enough confidence to fight against the slime or not.

Theo took a deep breath, determined to win this fight.

They came to a tacit understanding. The Magic Power had been building up pressure between them, but both of them stopped releasing their Magic Power, causing a period of emptiness.

The situation became peaceful, but both of them suddenly disappeared.

They appeared right in the middle with their right hand pointing at each other.

Theodon was trying to change Theo's fate by twisting reality. On the other hand, Theo used his Reality Removal to erase fate itself.

Both of them gritted their teeth, knowing it wouldn't be an easy fight.

Theodon retracted his hand and waved his other hand.

Seeing the incoming attack, Theo changed his weapon into a spear and attempted to pierce through that hand. He also used his Energy Blast and Enhanced Concentration Capacity to deal with the energy covering the hand.

However, he soon noticed that his own energy had bent.

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes. The Magic Power completely looked without Order, but when they clashed, he realized Theodon had been hiding his Order from the Reality Order itself. Just like how he fooled people with his illusion, Theodon could do the same.

"…" Theo frowned, seeing his spear getting distorted by the energy. He clicked his tongue and hurriedly pulled the spear back before spinning his body. Using that momentum, he kicked Theodon from the side.

Theodon raised his hand, calling forth the ground.

A stone wall soon emerged and blocked Theo's kick. At the same time, a hole appeared on the ground and swallowed Theo's foot.

'I can't move?' Theo frowned. He hurriedly activated his Mirage World to copy the Heavenly Sovereign and his Element Authority.

A trigram soon appeared beneath his feet and released its power to neutralize the ground's movement. But Theodon also applied his ability to rule over the elements. It was one of the seven things he controlled after all.

Theo lost his control over the elements. In fact, the elements were trying to harm him after Theodon controlled them.

"Tsk." Theo clicked his tongue and used his Blink to get away.

As if knowing what happened when Theo blinked, Theodon applied another power of his Reality, the Space Ability. He tweaked Theo's trajectory and caused him to teleport to the ground.

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes as he fell head first. If not for his reaction, his face would have been covered with dust.

Theo skillfully rolled and stood back up. At the very least, he was free from Theodon's grasp.

'Hmm… All my abilities have been neutralized by him. It's clear… the previous resistance from my blade came from the gems, not himself. If he had been the one challenging me earlier, I wouldn't be able to remove the gems' strength that easily.

"Kh." Theo looked at Theodon. There was a lot to learn. But he also had the pride as the Reality Saint. He wasn't planning to go down without a fight.

As soon as he regained his stability, Theo used his Telekinesis to pressure Theodon. But the latter used his Sky ability to remove the pressure.

Theo tried to attack from the side, but the 'Force' had been deployed, neutralizing the Telekinesis completely.

Although the seven abilities looked random, Theo realized it was the most balanced option for Theodon.

It wouldn't be that easy to defeat him.

Theo took a deep breath, trying to find a flaw. He knew it wouldn't be that easy to defeat him.

His expression became serious.

'He has a different style of wielding Reality. Unlike me, who is twisting the Magic Power, he's controlling all those seven instead. In other words, his is focused on those seven, while mine is controlling the general power.

'It's impossible for me to defeat him in the area he masters. But that doesn't mean I'm going to back away just like that… Then, how do I plan to wield my Reality power?

'There should be something… Something that only I can do. Something that I can use to crush his strength.'

Theo's mind gradually cooled down as if he was looking at his strength and trying to use it to overcome the challenge.

He wanted to crush him. This was the only thing acceptable as the outcome of this battle.

Despite witnessing the gap in their strength, Theo pointed at Theodon and said, "I know that you're severely weakened right now… No, that's precisely the reason why I'm going to crush you in this battle."

Theodon smirked as if taking on the provocation. "Try me, boy."

Chapter 1830: Fighting Theodon
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