God of Tricksters
Chapter 1831: Theo's Way

"Try me, boy!"

Theo smirked. He leaped forward while waving his spear.

Even though he was using a spear, Theo released a crescent-shaped sword wave toward Theodon.

"Hmm?" Theodon frowned because he felt a different kind of energy from this sword. He hurriedly used his Force to disperse the energy.

However, there was still some force that didn't scatter and ended up hitting him.

"!!!" Theodon was surprised because Theo suddenly showed such a change. "This is…"

"I have to thank you for asking me what my Reality is." Theo smiled. "Thanks to you, I have noticed something that I wouldn't have if I'm not looking at my basics again."

Yes. Theo just thought of something fundamental. He had several weapons: a sword, spear, sniper rifle, and shield. He even used his Fist and Magic Power to defeat his enemies.

After receiving the Reality Authority, he forgot his root and was completely reliant on his Reality Authority.

When Theodon asked about his Reality, Theo realized that the Reality Order was made of his existence and everything that existed in this world.

The shield, the spear, the sword, and the sniper rifle existed. They existed in everything.

That was right. Theo had stated in the past that everything he believed in would be the reality.

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With that thought in mind, Theo believed his spear was actually his sword. As a result, the spear could release the sword strike.

To prove his newfound strength, Theo changed his spear into a sniper rifle and pointed at him.

Seeing the dangerous muzzle, Theodon combined fire and water together and shot it toward Theo. The fire released so much heat that it evaporated the water, and due to the sudden evaporation, the water volume increased drastically, causing a huge thermal explosion.


This explosion would have hit Theo if not for the fact Theo used his sniper rifle to shoot a shield bullet.

The bullet looked like the normal Magic Bullet, but when it almost touched Theodon's ability, it expanded into a huge screen, blocking the explosion.

"Interesting!" Theodon smirked. "You improve so fast. I guess that's the reason why he chose you."

"This is not all I can do," Theo shouted while summoning his Irregular Guardian in the form of a spear. His sniper rifle had turned back into a spear as well.

Wielding these two spears, Theo marched forward. He waved the two spears at the same time, releasing another Sword Strike.

"I have seen—" Before he finished his words, the Sword Strike suddenly struck the air as if there was a barrier there. However, it turned out the air started to crack and the Sword Strike ultimately broke it apart, revealing the void.

"!!!" Theodon knew the Space Ability, so he was aware of this kind of void and what Theo wanted to do with them.

Without hesitation, he closed this void before Theo released anything. But that allowed Theo to use his Blink to appear behind Theodon.

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He activated his First Law, the Mirage World.

"!!!" Theodon felt all elements begin to swirl. He remembered what Theo did when he controlled all these elements.

Yes. There was already a trigram underneath their feet. Theo copied the Heavenly Sovereign's ability and surrounded Theodon with all the elements.

He was using his Space Ability to stop the void, so there was no way he could control the elements at the same time.

Theo clapped his hands. "Surge of Elements."

All the elements suddenly erupted and expanded, trying to swallow Theodon.

But surprisingly, a smile appeared on Theodon's face. Theo was just one step away from hurting Theodon, but it seemed Theodon hadn't fully released his strength yet. "Or so you thought…"

Suddenly, Theodon waved his hand and pressured all the elements together with the void. He used his right hand to suppress the Heavenly Sovereign's ability and his left hand to suppress the void.

"It seems that you misunderstand something. I can use all my power at the same time." Theodon smirked as if he knew Theo hadn't prepared this far.

Unfortunately for him, Theo remained calm because he had already seen through this possibility.

As soon as his elements became controlled by Theodon, Theo applied his Reverse World and changed their attributes.

"Huh?" Theodon widened his eyes, feeling the change. The fire that was supposed to be hot suddenly became cold. The water changed its state from liquid to gas and so on.

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He could control the elements, but this kind of element wasn't something he had seen.

Because of the lack of information about these elements, Theodon lost his control over the Heavenly Sovereign's ability.

The uncontrolled elements became berserk and started to explode, engulfing Theodon.

"Heh…" Theo smiled as he appeared not far away from the explosion. That was right. This was something he could do.

Theo's ability was in his trick. He managed to fool the Frost Saint and trick the world. Of course, he was planning to use this trick as the foundation of his ability.

He knew Theodon would control his elements, so he had just to change them to something he never saw before.

Unfortunately, his opponent this time was an Ancient God. His voice soon echoed without any change in his tone as if he was completely fine.

"To think you trick me into controlling the elements so that it will get violent and explode on me. You are as tricky as that guy." Theodon smiled and waved his hand. The Force blew away the smoke, revealing Theodon's body which looked completely fine.

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes. That explosion might not be that big, but it was made of many elements. The raging elements should be able to break through his defense.

Yet, Theodon had no change in his appearance as if he controlled the explosion easily.

"There seems to be something you've forgotten." Theodon smirked.

"No, wait!" Theo gasped, remembering Theodon's nickname. He was the God of Reality and Uncertainty.

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The moment he saw himself trapped, the Uncertainty part played its role.

"So, you've manipulated your fate to the point you can escape from that explosion." Theo sucked a cold breath. "That's amazing."

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