Godly Empress Doctor
Chapter 3148: 3148 A New Cultivation Path

3148 A New Cultivation Path

To feed the girl, Wang Zhaole went to the canteen in the colonels’ quarters and brought back the porridge that was meant for all the colonels.


The girl proved she had a bigger appetite than they had expected.

Ten bowls.

100 bowls.

200 bowls.

Yang Zhihu and Wang Zhaole looked at each other with wide eyes.

How much more could she eat?

Feng Wu was equally surprised.

What happened to her? Why couldn’t she feel full? Everything she ate was immediately consumed by her dantian.

Take this porridge for example.

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When she ate it, the useful spiritual essence was immediately absorbed by her dantian, while the rest was crushed and discarded.

She could feel the spiritual essence increasing in her dantian.

The speed was incredible.

Each bowl didn’t provide her with much energy, but it accumulated over time. She knew she had become an intermediate Level 5 Spiritual King.

She had been a junior before passing out.

Was she able to increase her cultivation level by eating?

While Feng Wu was surprised by her special ability, Yang Zhihu was shocked by her appetite.

In the end, Yang Zhihu was blown away.

He stammered, “Are… Are you full yet?”

The girl looked at him with puppy eyes and shook her head repeatedly.

Still no?

Yang Zhihu really wanted to cry.

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Feng Wu licked her lips and said meekly, “The second batch of porridge tastes better.”

The batch she meant had more essence crystals in it and was prepared for colonels between Level 6 and Level 8.

Yang Zhihu didn’t know how to express his feelings right now because one couldn’t absorb spiritual essence infinitely.

A cultivator could only ingest a limited amount of spiritual essence every day. If they crossed the threshold, their veins would explode, if their bodies didn’t explode first.

The girl had ingested far more spiritual essence than an ordinary cultivator could.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Yang Zhihu frowned.

Feng Wu said, “I’m hungry…”

Yang Zhihu said, “No, you can’t eat anymore. You’ll explode. Be a good girl.”

Feng Wu lowered her head in disappointment. “Alright…”

Yang Zhihu fought back the impulse to rub her little head.

“Get some rest. Join us when you’ve recovered.”

Yang Zhihu left after that.

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He was gone.

Even he had forgotten he had waited here for so long because he wanted to reprimand her when she woke up.

Yang Zhihu met someone shortly after he left the room.

“Mr. Yang.”

It was Yan Han.

Yang Zhihu smiled at her. “Yan Han, what are you doing here? It’s late. You should go to bed.”

He walked away after that, but Yan Han followed him.

She bit her lip as if she had been wronged.

“Mr. Yang, I’m here to confess.”

“Confess?” Yang Zhihu looked at her in bewilderment.

Yan Han said, “They were talking about Feng Wu before, saying she became a colonel because of her connections, and they didn’t like that. I said something bad about her, too…”

Yang Zhihu waved her off. “That’s it? Don’t worry about it.”

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Yan Han said, “It was my fault. I shouldn’t have said those things about her, even if she came here because she pulled some strings. I…”

Yang Zhihu laughed. “Don’t worry about it. You’re the only one here who’s not qualified to be a colonel; Elder Yan is the only reason you’re here.”

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