Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior System
Chapter 353: 353 Amenities For All

Max and the student known as Kryll chatted while the group made the short trip from the docks to the cruise ship portion of Terminus, waiting at the back while Mindy and the welcoming crew did their best-prepared presentation at the main bay doors.

"Welcome to the Cruise Ship Terminus. Ahead of you on the right are the passenger cabins you are assigned to, but first, let us show you around.

On this floor, we have two primary methods of travel. The moving sidewalks, and the gravity slides. Those are partially filled with water, and best for visitors who are looking to relax in the pools and not on dry land.

Immediately in front of us, you can see the welcome center, where you can find maps, personal items, ship branded clothing items custom made to order, as well as an assortment of trinkets and keepsakes."

That was all she had time for before the group got distracted, with half going to the shop and half dragging the technician away to examine the data screens on the wall that gave information about the ship.

Like Nico, they could find out all they needed to know with a touch, but the hostess seemed a bit sad that they didn't even let her finish introducing the areas that they could see from the door.

"Looks like we need to shorten the introduction a bit. You did an amazing job. Page everyone and make sure that they are all ready to receive guests, and not as a drill or training exercise." Max informed the hostess, who nodded and scrambled away.

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The crew had been stress testing everything lately, so it was all staffed and ready to go, but those weren't actual guests, who she assumed were paying customers, and would give input that would affect jobs, and not just the ship's preparations.

"I should have kept some luggage. I didn't think that humans, a terrestrial species, would have made accommodations for the amphibious in their designs." Kryll sighed.

"Are the Innu amphibious? I didn't know that. But you can get clothing suitable to wear in the water at the welcome kiosk and we can take the slides." Max informed her.

"Why do you call them that anyhow? Such a strange name for a flooded tunnel." Kryll asked, making Max laugh.

"As you know, humans aren't amphibious, but we enjoy playing in the water. The tunnels aren't for walking through, the gravity is rotated inside of them so that you can slide from place to place with no effort at all, carried along by gravity and a flow of water that is constantly purified and cycled." Max informed her.

That was all the encouragement that Kryll needed, and she dragged Max to the welcome desk, looking through the swimsuits and comparing them to her own form. It would have to be a two-piece or one of the low-backed models since the Innu had tails, but there were suits that she could wear already on the racks.

"Humans really don't consider the stomach an erogenous zone, do they? I had heard that from the computer while we waited for rescue, but you all cover your torso, so I thought it was mistaken." She murmured, looking at the suits.

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"Human fashion is a very detailed topic, that I'm not an expert in, but no, the belly isn't one of the primary erogenous zones of our species. There are a number over here that cover most of your front, and still have an open enough back for your tail." Max suggested, pointing to the racing-styled suits.

"Everyone, gather up on me. I found something amazing." Kryll yelled, bringing the others running into the swimwear section.

"Why are there water suits? Aren't humans ground mammals?" One of the others asked.

"No, I heard from the Valkia that they like playing in the water the way that a Valkia likes running on land. Does that mean that there is water here to play in?" Another student asked.

"There are change rooms in the corner. Pick something you like and the staff will send the rest of your items to your rooms." Max instructed while the staff came over to help the group with their selections.

"Alright, the closest gravity slide is this way. Everyone put your water shoes on if you're concerned about damage to your feet and follow me." Max called out, gathering the tourists.

The slide was only a dozen meters away, nestled into a small pool surrounded by tropical trees. The Innu looked entranced by the scenery, then ran into the water with a collective sigh.

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"How is the temperature? It is set for human comfort, and we don't have the data for the Innu." Max asked.

"Oh this is nice, so warm, just like home, not like the open oceans though, they're always so cold," Kryll informed him.

"Then, our next stop will be the Atoll Area. It is a restaurant and bar area marked with a collection of sandy islands surrounded by water. There is only one branch between here and there, so keep right at the split and I will see you all soon." Max directed as the Innu were already running for the tunnel.

Screams of joy filled the air as they realized what he meant by a gravity slide, and the shift pulled them in as if they were falling toward their target and not crossing down the same floor of the ship.

"You know, I thought the idea was silly, and would only be used by children, but the ship-wide waterslide network looks like it might be one of the most popular features." The Technician that they brought from the hangar laughed as the last of the Innu disappeared.

"You never know what you will find when you meet new species. But I am off to meet them." Max laughed, then stepped into a changing room to swap into trunks and put his clothes into a waterproof bag.

The Innu sent theirs to their rooms, but Max would bring his clothes with him, so he could change back once they were settled in and get back to his duties.

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