I Killed the Player of the Academy
I Killed the Player of the Academy

I Killed the Player of the Academy

I Killed the Academy Player

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54 Chapters 72.1K Views 1.34K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Killed the Player of the Academy novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Salamsallyeo. 54 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I killed the player.

He was one hell of a f*cker.

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  • Yusuftatar 4

    This summary is good as I enlightened.

  • PrisonerOfFantasy 5

    I have NEVER EVER read such a summary in my life... What a f*ck*ng masterpiece😂.

  • Sin_of_Sloth 4

    Iz good. Kinda edgy though. And not fun edgy, just "oof" edgy. The kind that makes you cringe a bit.

  • LPL_Rai 3

    Indeed the player was one hell of a f*ck*r This novel is really good. Mc don’t touch girls just because he became a teenager again(mental age 30 or smth). The characters are all likeable. Even that player b*st*rd has a justifiable reason to be that much of an *ssh*l*. The subtle character and world building is really interesting. Actual smart fights 😮 (Making use of the terrain, strategies, power, and even a pebble can be a deciding factor in a fight). Some parts I couldn’t follow and mostly forgot the move names but sounds cool ig At the start I thought it was written by a Japanese author but yea it is Korean novel. Idk why I thought that.

  • Haminsous 4

    Looking at the headline : Cool Reading the summery : lol Reading the comments : nice. Me: oke diving in ✌️😎.

  • KojiDesu 2

    I haven’t even finished the first chapter yet I’m already hooked

  • raelTV 1


  • El_eru 2

    I only care about one thing. Is the harem forced? That is, if you feel that they give the waifus to the protagonist for doing nothing.

    • LPL_Rai 3

      Nah bro the harem is justifiable

  • OMAGAHWooow 11

    This novel is actually so god d*mn good, I can see it reaching top 30 in the future.

  • Mr_White_Collar 6

    After 51 chapters and as a peer with over 5 years of experience under his belt, I would like to say that "This novel is too d*mn good. And if some haters disguised as poison testers say otherwise..." Heh~ I truly recommend it to anyone. An immersive plot, vivid writing, unique fighting scenes and cute misunderstandings. Not cliche enough to actually call it a cliche. It has a genre for all. You are gonna come back and thank me for this. Toodles~~

    Edited: 3d