Forty-four Dragons (3)

His subordinate paled with pain, but he didn’t dare to make any complaints and just quickly took out the goods. “My lord, Lord Bai Huan has also sent people to the auction, and we didn’t bring enough money, so we only managed to get half of the Jinjiang grass…”

Wearing a twisted expression, Jin Yan took the bottle of Condensed Snow Pills from his hand and stuffed a few into his mouth. A few moments later, he spat out a mouthful of black blood, and the fog surrounding his body dissipated a little. Only then did he recover his senses and sneered, “Hah, that Bai Huan…”

He didn’t go on, and only grabbed the top-grade interdimensional pouch from his subordinate and waved his hand. “Scram.”

With blood dripping from his shoulder and a respectful expression, the subordinate retreated.

Jin Yan took out a few pieces of top-grade spirit stones from the interdimensional pouch. After a while, the skin that had been split gradually grew back. He used his spiritual consciousness to probe into the treasures in his interdimensional pouch, and a touch of pain and abhorrence flashed past his face. He summoned his spiritual cloud and headed towards the residence of the Golden Dragon Clan’s highly-respected guest alchemist.

In the White Dragon Clan’s territory, Bai Huan’s situation was no better. In fact, he was even more seriously injured than Jin Yan. They had gone into the secret realm left behind by the predecessors of the Demon Clan. Not only did he not get any precious cultivation techniques, but he also ran into a Rank 6 witch and a group of Rank 4 abyssal daemons. He’d almost lost his life there.

“Jin Yan…” Black blood spilled from Bai Huan’s lips. Squeezing the elixir his subordinates bought at the auction, his eyes were full of anger.

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When he recovered, he would definitely look for Jin Yan to settle the score.

Putting aside the matter of how two poisoned dragons were planning to kill each other, on Mu Wanwan’s side, she was in a dilemma—

It was because the feathery chirp liked to hop about on Mister Long when her attention was elsewhere, despite her repeatedly telling it not to do so.

The feathery chirp was very intelligent. It was quite well-fed, its feather coat much fuller than before, and the little “scarf” around its neck was much brighter as well. It was very energetic these days.

Out of the spirit eggs she bought, three chicks hatched in the end. Miraculously, all the chicks survived. After eating spiritual fruit for a few days, their feathers had already grown out.

The spirit chicks were a little bigger than modern chicks. They were covered in a mix of milky-white and milky-yellow down, and looked very cute. More amazingly, they all took the feathery chirp to be their mother. →_→

Every day, they would follow behind the feathery chirp as they learned to walk. Considering that they were still very small, Mu Wanwan made a simple nest for them with a big pot and placed it in the room.

The little spirit chicks were not dirty, but they were not as clean as the feathery chirp who loved cleanliness, and would inevitably get some dirt on themselves as they hopped about on the ground.

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Therefore, this awkward situation arose—

The weather was good today, so Mu Wanwan took Mister Long’s quilt out to sun. Then, thinking that she would like to bask in the sun herself, she decided to cultivate seeds in the courtyard.

After working hard for about two to three hours, she returned inside.

To find the feathery chirp hopping about on Mister Long with the three little chicks.

Their feet were covered with mud, and their little wings were all dusty. Mu Wanwan even saw that one of the chicks had left diarrhoea on his chest.

Mu Wanwan, “……”

“Mengmeng!” Mu Wanwan was a little angry. She hurriedly grabbed the little feather balls and tied them in the basket. Even leader Mengmeng’s large-eyed chirping and acting cute did not spare itself from the same fate.

Mu Wanwan tied it to the chick with diarrhoea, to let it experience what it meant to share woe and odour.

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Then, she walked to the bed and looked at the pale and frowning Mister Long… and the dirt on his body, then was caught in a dilemma about cleaning.

She had been here for more than a month but hadn’t yet given him an actual bath, and usually only wipe him down. It was good that he wasn’t very dirty.

But this time, Mu Wanwan felt that she couldn’t get past herself without giving him a bath, never mind that she would have to sleep beside him at night.

“Mister Long, how about I give you a bath?” said Mu Wanwan in a low voice as looked at his ears that were all dirty from the chicks’ trampling.

Therefore, a certain dragon who had just woken up and forced himself to not despise the feathery balls was stunned in an instant—

In this awkward situation, should he wake up and wash himself, or pretend to be unconscious and let his wife wash him? ( ω )

The author has something to say.

Mister Long (ears twitching and looking serious): “I’m a respectable dragon, so I choose to pretend to be asleep!”

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