Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game
Chapter 272.1: A Three Sided Battle, part 1/2

POV The Vampire Dude:

A single vampire levitated high between the clouds, his red eyes looking towards the flickering orange fires under him.

The two armies camped in the wide passage under him, lines of fortifications splitting it in half. Thousand of small dots were moving around, looking like swarms of ants, the flickering lights of torches moving around.

'You have dared to attack my cattle, killing them in droves. Now is my turn!' His pale face distorted with his mouth opening into an impossible width, showing a smile full of sharp teeth going from one ear to another.

His whole body was trembling in frustration and anger as he still remembered the shameful battle where he was forced to retreat and the dragon blasting his kingdom into oblivion.

Initially, he was forced to hide, but after the despicable immortals spread the rumours everywhere, there was no longer a need. He wanted to enact his revenge, 'I was building this kingdom for generations and yet now some stupid musclehead lizard destroys everything. And finally, these annoying immortals destroyed all of the reputation I have built over generations.'

The skin on his hand burst open, blood flowing out and multiplying. One droplet turned into two and then more. The dark red liquid spilled all over the sky, painting it crimson.

Both armies under him stopped, turning their eyes towards the sky, the humans trembling in fear with the monsters growling in a warning.

"My soldiers, you have fought well, but now is my turn to help you. I may be a vampire, but I am also the one that always protected this kingdom and your families from real monsters beyond your comprehension!"

'They will forget. After a few generations, no one will even remember this. Humans are short-lived. And the annoying immortals will quickly find another thing to focus on.'

The vampire moved his hand, all of the blood in the sky suddenly glowing in red light.

Immediately the red droplets shot towards the ground like a barrage of arrows. The small red projectiles filled the whole sky as they turned into streaks of red descending towards the ground.

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The vampire looked down, his eyes flashing in bright crimson-red light at the destruction under him.

The red streaks of light impacted the ground, bursting into explosions of red. Weak but numerous shockwaves swept through the camp, tearing down tents and destroying all defences.

The kobolds and immortals were all thrown into the air as if they were ragdolls.

The vampire was in ecstasy, his whole body bursting with dopamine as he watched the death of his enemies, "Hahaha, face my power slaves of the lizard! You have made a mistake if you thought that only your slavemaster could destroy armies!"

The rain wasn't stopping, and more and more red streaks of blood descended down, explosion shaking with the nearby cliffs.

The whole ground was painted red, the blood forming a small pool. Dead and torn bodies of fragile humans were sewn all over the ground, torn by the explosions.

The large armoured figures of the kobold were falling to the ground one by one. Their black armours were dented and full of holes.

The vampire venting out his anger at his shameful escape, suddenly tensed.

A large amount of mana was radiating from behind the horizon, quickly intensifying as it got closer and closer.

'It doesn't feel like that dragon.'

POV Vesuvius:

The whole night sky was obscured by dark clouds when suddenly something fast passed through them, lightning flashing and crackling around it and the clouds parting in its way.

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It was Vesuvius, his mind filled with anger as he felt it. He felt more and more connections to his minions vanish at a rapid pace.

He wasn't even flapping his wings, which were folded on his back, as he was accelerating more and more, the two rails of lightning brightly glowing by his side.

'This is the end. Today I will kill that leach; nothing will remain out of him.' Originally he wanted more time to consolidate his new power, but he was forced to act sooner.

A loud bang passed through the sky as the dragon passed through another sound barrier, the shockwave forming a circular shape in the black clouds.

There were sprawling mountains before him, they weren't very tall, not even snow covering their tips, but they were reaching from one side of the horizon to another.

Vesuvius blinked as bright red and white lights flashed on the horizon, a loud bang reaching all the way towards the dragon, followed by a powerful shockwave and waves of mana radiation.

At that exact moment, more connections with his minions vanished, the dragon's anger rising even more. The black clouds around him swirled, the flames erupting out of his body. The clouds started to spin and rotate around the dragon like a massive flaming hurricane.

'They are mine! They were supposed to fight in the war, but this is just a massacre. At least now I know what I need.'



Draconic Fire of Might (LV 14) --> Dragon Elements of Might (LV 14)


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'My lightning and other elements were too far behind my fire and magma. This will make that gap smaller. Putting all eggs into one basket is never a good idea.'

Immediately all of the lightning and wind intensified, with even the flames growing slightly stronger.

More and more lights flashed above the quickly closing mountains, glowing in the black night sky.

The dragon shot forwards without slowing down. Flames and lightning danced all around his body, reflecting in his shiny armour and refracting in the crystals embedded within it.

He reached the mountains in a blink of an eye, the world around him slowing down as his concentration increased.

Corpses were sewn everywhere on the ground under him. They belonged both to his army and the enemy army. Large burn marks and splatters of blood were everywhere. There was nothing but destruction around him.

His rage turned even more intense when his eyes fell upon a bright glowing construct in the sky.

'Again, these annoying idiots were bothering me from the beginning. They are like annoying cockroaches!'

A large globe of light metal floated high in the sky, bright white light glowing and weirdly bending and refracting around it. More metal with glowing letter parts floated around it, looking like greaves, chest armour, helmet and more, all of them together forming a large humanoid shape. All of these metal parts were connected only by white radiance.

'Angel? No. Light elemental? No. Golem? No. Some amalgamation of these? Likely.' Vesuvius quickly analysed and identified his foe. He wasn't truly sure what it was, but he was sure that it was manmade.

A swarm of bats circled around it, shrieks bursting through the air, impacting against the weird constructs, its metallic parts loudly ringing and vibrating under their force.

The dragon didn't even slow. Instead, he accelerated even more, the world around him turning into a blur, the sounds all distorted with him crossing the speed of sound multiple times.

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He shot straight towards the two beings, his huge looming body appearing at such speed that the beings could only look at the mass of armour rushing at them.

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