Last Egg: Reincarnated as a Dragon in a Game
Chapter 273.2: /2 [Bonus]

The world around the dragon turned into a blur, all of the sounds distorted as he descended down, the sky around him burning and sparking with electricity. Clouds rotated chaotically around his body.

The swarm of huge car-sized bats flapped their leathery wings, their surroundings darkening, all of the stars and moon vanishing under an impenetrable barrier of clouds. Only the white pulsing light from the weird light and metal being has remained.

The air roared, and lightning crackled with an immense black mass darting straight towards them.

The mountain-sized dragon moved so fast that they couldn't even react before the armoured body burning in flames with lighting dancing around it smashed into them.

All of them splattered like bugs on a windshield, their remnants vanishing in the storm of flames and lightning.


// New mission:

Objective: Survive, escape or win the battle.

Reward: Based on the result


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Vesuvius continued without slowing down, his body hitting the metallic construct with a loud bang.

The metal parts tore from each other as the light holding them together gave up, as they flew in all directions while bending, deforming and cracking.

The central glowing orb shot into the distance like a football, shooting up towards the sky.

Vesuvius finally braced with his wings. The lightning around him reversing and slowing him down. The blurry world of colours quickly became normal again as he slowed down.

He hovered high above the mountains, flapping his wings, each flap sending burning shockwaves towards the ground.

'No XP, so that means that they are both still alive. Well, that is not surprising.'

A flash of white light temporarily turned everything white, its pure white radiance falling upon the metallic parts of the construct sewn around. They trembled and shone in the light. They shot upwards with loud bangs as they crossed the speed of sound, all of them rising like reversed falling stars.

'So this how it is.' The dragon's golden eyes fell upon the central ball suspended high above him, brightly glowing as all of the metal parts reached it, quickly rearranging back into its original semi-humanoid shape with unnaturally long arms and triangular torso plate.

All of the twisted metal plates started slowly straightening up as if the silvery metal was alive.

'It looks like I will have to end this one attack. Or at least destroy that metallic orb.'

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The whole sky stirred a bright blue light flashing between the black clouds, outshining even the white radiance of the orb. A web of lightning pulsed between them, all the lines of electricity gathering in a single spot that glowed like an electrical sun.

A the same time red pulsing monstrosity of veins and flesh without any skin materialised next to the dragon, swinging its huge claws glowing in bright red light. Its whole body was burning and quickly disintegrating under the elements flowing and burning around the dragon.

The red energy apparition shot out of the claws, heading towards the dragon. They hit the nonuniform material of the dragon's armour, sparks flying as they scratched and dug into it, stopping before they could even reach the scales under it.

"What is this?! Are you even the same dragon? How could you change so much in such a short time?!"

Vesuvius didn't even flinch, flapping his huge wings as he concentrated, ready to unleash one single attack. He was ready to end in a single nuclear way.

The dragon opened his mouth, multiple star-shaped circuits forming in his mouth, brightly glowing. He felt no strain on his mind, all of them effortlessly forming symbol after symbol. It took only a second, and they were all formed.

More neon-red circuits ignited inside, and then a breath burst out of the depth of his throat. A thicker and denser magma climbed out, passing through all of the circuits, turning brighter and more concentrated with its colour turning into evil neon-red.

'This is the first time I am using you, but I need to not leave even a single cell of that vampire behind.' Vesuvius flinched, feeling immense radiation wash over his body as he unleashed the molten and concentrated corium and magma containing molten plutonium from his breath glands, the deadly radiating flooding the surroundings, only held on a leash by his domain.

In the meantime, a bright white light flashed through the sky, thousands of new stars blinking under the red burning clouds. The next second, the start descended, turning into light streaks.

They reached the ground in an instant, splitting into groups, with half of them moving towards the dragon with the other one shooting towards the shadowy silhouettes of the vampire moving around.

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Bright white lights flashed across the whole valley, the white explosions of light showering the dragon, tearing chunks out of his armour. However, they could not get much deeper, their energy dissipating into the composite material.

Vesuvius wanted to grin, seeing the light pelting the vampire, tearing through his body with deadly efficiency.

'Holy light and vampires never worked together.'

The next moment bright red lights retaliated, the beams of blood shooting from multiple directions. They crisscrossed through the sky, smashing against both the dragon and the light construct.

The blood beams drilled into his armour, making small holes in it, the red liquid loudly hissing, evaporating in the lightning and fire around the dragon.

Vesuvius gritted his teeth, feeling attacks landing on his body, but he kept his concentration, the magma flowing out of his mouth at an insane pace. It flew slowly, controlled by his domain, gathering in a single giant blob.

It looked like a glowing purple river flowing through the air.

Both of the enemies stopped their fight. The glowing orb and the red eyes around locking on the dragon that just calmly floated in the middle of the air, immense heat, mana, and other weird energy radiating out of the orb before him.

Both of them stopped attacking each other. Instead, mana quickly started to concentrate around them as they started to prepare their own massive attacks.

An immense amount of mana was gathering around him, all three beings preparing massive attacks.

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The dragon reflexively closed his eyes, but he still kept his focus, the orb of magma growing smaller and smaller with each passing second, his domain pushing against it and compressing it.

Immense energy was gathering in it, quickly growing in concentration, only the dragon's will keeping it in control and from imploding.

'Why do I feel like these mountains will instead turn into a crater after this battle?'

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