The colossal dragon hovered in the sky, a huge neon-red orb hovering right in front of him, growing smaller and smaller even though a purple river of radioactive magma was flowing into it.

Multiple sources of mana radiated around the dragon.

The huge construct of light and metal flapped its wings, looking like rays of light shaped into the wings. The radiance of its central rotating sphere was increasing, the bright white light pushing against the crimson-red light of the vampire and the purple and neon-red light of the dragon.

More than a dozen of shadowy figures were orbiting around the dragon, bright red lights gathering in their clawed hands.

'Time to end this play. It was dragged for too long!'

The long crystals on the dragon's head pulsed and started to glow, lots of mana flowing into them. Immediately magical symbols began to hover around the blazing blob, shrinking before the dragon.

It was already only a size of a house as the dragon closed his mouth, and rings of symbols started to orbit around it, engraving their copies into its burning surface.

It was happening so fast that to outside observers, the process looked like a regular fireball's casting.

The bright crimson light pulsed through the sky, multiple rays of crimson blood shooting towards the dragon from all directions, quickly moving towards the dragon like sharp spears.

They looked like they were moving in slow-motion under the effects of the dragon's fast mind. However, his body wasn't so fast, and he had no choice but to just tank them.

Vesuvius pushed more mana into his scales, the mana moving without any effort and with shocking speed and efficiency. If it was before moving like oil, it was now moving like water, swiftly and with crushing force.

The bursts of blood smashed into him and drilled into the armour, cracks spreading through its surface deeper and deeper. More and more red rays of blood were hitting his body, each causing a stabbing pain.

'If it was my old armour, it would have already shattered.'

More and more rays hit him, repeatedly hitting the same places and already reaching towards his scales, blasting against their surface and harmlessly sliding off their mana-filled surface.

He ignored the slight itching pain, almost laughing at how tanky he was becoming.

He could just stand on the battlefield, letting all attacks rain upon him while he prepared one decisive super destructive attack.

The next moment a bright white light descended from the sky, from the direction of the construct, falling down and shining like a comet.

The bright white light flooded Everything, making it impossible to even see, its purity and holiness causing the dragon's whole body to itch in discomfort.

Even sharper pain hit him as a single massive flare of pure white, holy light hit his wing. Its crystalline structure shattered into billions of shards, the light smashing through his vulnerable wing.

'Just wait. Your end is coming!' Vesuvius cursed inwardly in hatred at someone damaging his body to such a level. His mind was temporarily blacking out as his wing was destroyed, and he almost lost his balance.

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However, powerful winds rose around him, uplifting his already slowly repairing wing.

The flare continued, bathing his whole body in the holy light, his defences slowly shrinking and as disintegrating into atoms.

On the spot where it hit, it even reached the surface of his scales, that slightly bent and seared, the runes engraved on them brightly flashing and the energy in them rippling like death during a storm.

Finally, the dragon had enough and unleashed his own attack. The massive orb of lightning that was gathering in the sky above him turned into a pillar that descended straight towards the orb of radioactive magma.

The dragon's eyes flashed in enjoyment as he noticed the vampire's red eyes flash in horror, the immense waves of mana and energy washing over his body.

He flapped his wings, all of the dematerialising as he started to quickly retread away like blurs of neon-red light.

'As if I let you!'

An intense wind rose up as the dragon pushed his thought into his domain.

A massive vortex formed around the battlefield, tearing rocks from the ground and grabbing all of the garbage and stone before igniting in bright blue flames and lightning, creating a wall around the battlefield.

The construct of light just hovered in the sky, mindlessly gathering more mana for another attack.

The next moment the pillar of lightning struck the orb of magma, and the energy within it reached a breaking point while Vesuvius released it out of his control.

The magical symbols around it ignited, amplifying the force even more.

The orb burst, the plutonium within it reacting and unleashing electrons that hit more of it, creating a chain reaction. At the same time, the magic caused the magma and lightning to explode in all directions.

The dragon closed his eyes, with a blinding heat and light washing over his armoured face.

'So this is it.'

The next moment earth-shattering bang resounded through the whole battlefield, and a powerful wave of lightning, radiation, and cursed magma hotter than the sun, amplified by the ravaging winds and magic, passed through the land.

Everything in its path was disintegrating, the blinding light and heat everywhere.

An immensely powerful shockwave smashed against the dragon with a missing wing, pushing him out of the air and backward.

He had closed his eyes but still felt immense pressure push against his body as if he was at the bottom of an ocean. Luckily he was immune to the heat and radiation, both of them just harmlessly brushing off his body.

Still, he felt slight pain as more and more cracks spread through his armours, portions of it crumbling and getting torn off by the shockwave.

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[+2150 XP]

[+1800 XP]

[+1 XP]


An immense amount of XP notifications were popping and vanishing in the corner of his vision, most of them small, but he knew that the two large pops of XP were from the bosses.

His body crashed into the ground with the immense force still pushing his humongous body backwards, more and more chunks of his armour falling off.

'I will have to collect them to get back my hoard. Such a hassle.'

Finally, the shockwaves passed, and the dragon opened his eyes, both immediately going wide as he looked around, seeing the immense destruction.

The cliffs crumbled and turned into dust, and a large smouldering crater filled with red-glowing radioactive magma replaced the hills.

The ground outside of the crater was all burned with bubbling magma spilled as far as his eyes could see.

There was nothing alive. Everything was destroyed and annihilated.

Even Vesuvius was surprised by this scene, a fear rising in his heart, knowing how immense his destructive power was.

The clouds in the sky turned into poison clouds, radioactive acidic rain falling down, hissing as it felt on the already destroyed landscape.

'This is too much destruction. This way, this land will turn into a wasteland for decades.'

He was split in half, he wanted to fix it, but on the other hand, he felt like it was a good warning to his enemies.

'No, this is too destructive even for a warning. Too much fear is also bad as it would force someone to act and attack me.'

The dragon raised his long clawed hand, his domain expanding out of his body, feeling everything around him.

The next moment the ground shook, the magma rippled, and the air whirled as a massive amount of radioactive materials rose up, flying straight towards the dragon's open hand.

They were quickly gathering, forming a lump of nuclear waste.

'How to dispose of you?'

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The dragon's eyes glinted with an idea as he opened his mouth, a light leaking out. Then he tossed the waste inside as if it was just candy.

His face wrenched at the disgusting taste before he swallowed it.

The next moment a bright radiance glowed out of his horns, the toxic clouds clearing away with the magma cooling down and the whole ground shaking with the cracks in it closing down.

Small nuggets and specks of gold were all flying back towards the dragon and re-entering his already repairing armour while glinting under the moonlight glowing from the cleared sky.



Quest accomplished!

Rating: S

Reward: Instant Level UP X 5; 1 X Vial of True Vampire Blood; 1 X Angelic Orb; 1 X Item Upgrade Token.




You are now level 75

All stats increased! X5

+15 stat points

+5 ability point


Vesuvius wasn't in the mood to even grin at his reward. He was still happy, his heart beating as he read through the list, but he knew that many of his minions were just slaughtered.

His rage was only slightly extinguished as he knew he had killed the culprits.

'How could this go like this... This was supposed to be an easy war. This just shows that I need to really recruit that wyrm to at least let them cover a portion of my territory.'

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The dragon lay on the ground, one of his wings still missing but slowly regrowing. With his damaged armour, he looked heavily injured, but it was nothing but surface damage.

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