Omega Summoner
Chapter 1149: Journey to the Western Continent

Quest Notification!

Quest Name: Accompany the Goddess of Protection

Quest Description: The Goddess of Protection Bastet wants your help. She is asking you to escort her to the Western Continent where her temple is erected.

Quest Difficulty: A

Clear Condition: Escort the Goddess of Protection Bastet to her temple located somewhere in the Western Continent

Clear Reward: A Gift from the Goddess of Protection Bastet

Failure Condition: The Goddess of Protection Bastet does not go back to the Divine Realm.

Penalty: None

Restriction: Can only be done by one person.

The quest seems to be relatively easy as she would just need to be escorted. What Adrian does not understand is that the difficulty seems to be a bit high. It might be probably due to the fact that he has yet to fully explore the Western Continent.

"You should know this, but she does not have the same power level as a healthy demigod. She used most of her divine powers casting the World Barrier. She is in a weakened state and needs an escort to get to her main temple where she will be able to replenish most of her divine faith." Pann stated.

"If that is the case then why not send you herself?" Adrian asked Pann as he should be powerful enough to do so. There is also Bessy which can transport people the old-fashioned way of travelling.

"I would love to, but my darlings have been severely exhausted as they maintained the rifts and also the area where she descended. They will not be able to move for at least a month which is why I am also stuck here." Pann stated but Adrian remembered something from Pann when he asked about the western continent.

"Is that really the reason or is it the fact that you are avoiding someone from the Western Continent? I remember you saying that there is a demigod there that you would rather avoid. Is that demigod more powerful than you?" Adrian stated.

"From my observations of the Western Continent, there are only a few demigods that are active there and they all prefer to hide though. The only one that is brave enough to not hide is one demigod which is called the Queen of the Sand Shifters. She is the oldest matriarch of the Dune Kingdom. Do you perhaps have some bad blood with her?" The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

"Not really but if she sees me with another woman then a headache will ensue. I rejected her countless times years ago. That old hag has a great temper and I do not want to face her without my darlings." Pann muttered to himself, but Adrian's sharp ears can pick up juicy gossip like this.

"I see. You are basically giving me this duty because you cannot go to the territory of your ex. No wonder you often told me that going to the western continent with you is impossible." Adrian stated as he teased Pann.

"Anyways, the goddess over there has barely any energy in her demigod body. She will not be perceiving a threat when you enter the western continent. If I enter another continent, then all demigod level people will be notified immediately. Did you not see what happened in the eastern continent back then?

The demigod level expert did not come there but only sent their henchmen to scout. If they really did intend to create trouble for us, then they would have come themselves." Pann stated as he explained why he cannot easily go to any other area.

"I am already an Arch Demon though. Will that not alarm them?" Adrian stated as he did make a valid argument that they will notice him as well.

"You just became an Arch Demon, little brat. You are still wet behind the ears and have yet to reach the same level as that of the Daemos Elders. They will take notice of you but will not create trouble as long as you do not create trouble. I am also needed here with Koronn gone for the time being." Pann stated as he must take over Koronn's duty as long as he was still in the River of Time.

"Fine. I will just need to send her there then. It is a bit easy since I can teleport to the Western Continent. Do you not have the ability to teleport?" Adrian then asked The Goddess of Protection if she cannot just teleport herself.

Adrian thought that the Goddess of Protection Bastet could just regain some of her strength and teleport herself to the temple. When Adrian said that statement, the Goddess of Protection Bastet chuckled as that power is only reserved for gods that have the power of Ancient Gods or above. An outlier of this would be the gods and goddesses that have domains that deal with space.

"Gods and Goddesses are not that omnipotent as you think. We may have some level of omniscience but that is also limited to our believers, and we must be in the Divine Realm. Not all gods could warp space because our powers are also limited to the domain that we represent.

I am a Goddess of Protection which means my powers are limited to protecting people. I can control space to an extent like locking them up, but I cannot warp space and time to travel to different places like you. We cannot warp reality as we wish just because we are gods." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

"True…Even gods will take time to terraform an area to their liking." Adrian stated as he already knew of this when a dark god descended.

"You also do not need to worry about our journey so much because I shall not become deadweight. I can at least cast protection buffs and spells should we be attacked by hostiles. I wish it does not come to that though." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated with a simple smile on her face as she wishes that the world is not full of barbarism and treachery.

"I will do it then since I am the only one that can move. Just make sure to take care of the territory old man. I was supposed to check on it, but you pushed me a responsibility the moment I arrived." Adrian stated.

"You should not worry about the territory that much as the citizens and the visitors pretty much take care of everything regarding monster attacks. Now go and send the goddess back to the divine realm as she might weaken so much should she not return." Pann stated as he returned back to his current administrative duties.

Adrian told his friends that he is currently held up on something and will not be able to fetch them. Fortunately, it seems that his friends have met the Ice Queen Elona and was introduced to Aurgelmir. They are currently having their equipment examined and are busy. They are also doing missions in the northern continent which gives decent rewards.

"Shall we go now, Goddess Bastet?" Adrian asked as he wanted to know if the goddess is ready to embark on the journey.

"Let us go then. It is such a shame that I have not seen more of the central continent in my time here. My followers are mostly from the western continent." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated as she is curious of the new world.

"You will probably have an increase in followers due to the fact that you gave it everything that you got in casting the World Barrier. If the World Barrier was not cast, then the world would have been a scorching inferno by now." Adrian stated as he is impressed by the nature of the Goddess of Protection.

"The gratitude is not needed because I am only doing my duty. I do not know if I should say this to you, but I am not originally a goddess of this universe." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

"That was a sudden confession that I did not anticipate." Adrian replied as he really did not expect that reveal.

"I do not know why I easily said that but the energy you are giving reminds me of the Oldest One. It might be due to the fact that you are a Daemos or the blood of the Asmodians running in you." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated as she briefly explained her origin.

The Goddess of Protection Bastet said that she came from a universe outside of this one. Life did not thrive in that universe and the gods and goddesses did not assume humanoid forms like the ones in Pandemonium. She basically told Adrian that she would be labeled as a dark god by these standards, but she chose to be an ally rather than an enemy.

"You are not wrong in saying that as some of gods now did not originate from Pandemonium. We were just transformed by the faith of the people." The Goddess of Protection Bastet stated.

Chapter 1149: Journey to the Western Continent
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