RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse
Chapter 328.1: Talk With Lillia Part 1

"So they will stay with the girls night and day then?" Noa asked. She actually liked the idea of a dragonic guard for her baby.

"Yes. they will become a secondary personal maid. The ones hired now to look after them are normal people. These dragonic girls will help with watching over them and when they start to mature and reach the correct age they will begin attending to their duties. It will give the kids a chance to get to know the ones who will help them through their early stages." Blake scratched his head. He hated talking about this stuff, but as they were not human, but drakani, this was an important measure.

"That does make sense…. Now the dragonic men are going to start work on the tunnel to the mines and expanding the city? And the rest of the dragonic women will be made maids. While it is not the punishment, I would prefer it is at least making use of them. And when we get attacked again they will have to fight for us as well." Noa sighed. She wanted to lock these people up and rot away but Blake's idea makes good use of them.

"Umm…. Then what about the elves if I may ask…." General Yaya felt slightly nervous.

"They will be tasked with helping build the city for the time being. Don't worry they will not be treated badly. You did what you did because you had to follow orders at the time, but you swore loyalty to Noa which changes things and are now…. Ah, shit…. Noa…." Blake sighed. General Yaya was staring at him in a trance with flushed cheeks. He was not even in his humanoid form, and she was lusting after him.

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"Oops!" Noa chuckled and waved her hand creating a special contract that block Blake's charm. General Yaya quickly came back to her senses and lowered her head feeling embarrassed.

"Blake!" Lillia came running over and jumped on Blake, kissing his scally face, not caring for his current form at all.

General Yaya's eyes shot wide open as she pointed at the dragon girl in front of her. "Ath-Athe-Ather dragon…."


"Ah, she passed out." Noa looked at the elf girl lying on the ground with her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and nudged her with her foot. "Yep, I knew this would happen."

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Blake ignored the silly elf girl as he said: "Lillia, I need contracts on all of them. Including the one on the ground. Then I need all the girls together in the bath."

"Mmm…" Lillia blushed as she waved her hand, setting different contracts on the different groups. Blake then gave out his orders on things and quickly disappeared into the base heading towards the palace.

It did not take long for his wives to all arrive and help him wash up while he fed on their blood. Each one of his wives was filled to the brim before they were let go. He noticed the more time he spent in his bloody transformation, the more he needed to release before his lust will fade. Each wife and concubine was there to serve him, and they barely made it through the four days it took for him to finally calm down. The bath and bed were used to their fullest.

When he finally calmed down, he went directly to see his kids. "Papa!!!!!!" Blake's daughters all jumped on him and began hanging from his body. They did not know what their Papa and Mamas were doing all this time, but they knew it was something to do with their Papa. While they were anxious and wanted to see him, they all behaved well and stayed in their part of the palace. But now, seeing him again, they were all smiles and laughing away as they hung on his body as if he was some kind of Christmas tree and they were the ornaments.

"Sorry, it took so long. I hope I didn't worry you all too much." Blake smiled as he sat down. He patted each of his daughters on the head and smiled warmly at them. Pue had somehow weaseled her way into his lap.

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"Papa, Mamas?" Moyi eyes were looking at him with a worried expression. He smiled and rubbed her head. "Don't worry. All your mamas are safe and sound. They are just tired and will be resting until tomorrow."

"Mmm…." Moyi grinned and smiled brightly.

That night, Blake stayed with the girls. He lay on the floor as the girls all took up their positions on each side of him, using him as a pillow. Blake still had a lot on his mind as he lay there staring at the ceiling. He was lost in thought when a soft voice came into his ear. "Papa…."

"Hmmm? Destiny? What's wrong?" Blake was surprised to see her still awake as she is normally the first to sleep.

"Papa, Mama cried…. She told me not to say anything, but I think Papa should know. Mama said she was useless." Destiny's words hit Blake right in the heart. He would never know unless someone told him because of how cheerful she acted around him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. He rubbed Destiny's head and told her to get some sleep and that he would take care of it.

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The next morning his wives went to spend time with the girls while Blake took Destiny and Lillia out to a small reading room not too far away. He sat Lillia down on the couch and picked up destiny, and sat her in his lap as he sat down across from Lillia on the chair in front of her. Lillia pursed her lips as she looked at Destiny, who averted her eyes. She knew Destiny must have said something since Destiny would never keep anything from her Papa. While she was a bit embarrassed, she knew this conversation would happen someday. She just never thought it would happen right after everything was over.

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