Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System
Chapter 891: Master!

Kana did not even glance at the spot the two girls disappeared from as she flew towards an area she found to be what she was looking for. She could sense no life in this valley that rested between two tall mountain peaks. No demonic beasts, not even a single human or divine beast, could be found in this area. There was not even a single tree in sight just a tall field of grass. But she could feel a strong fluctuation of demon qi. "This seems to be the spot."

Kana flew into the area and felt as if she had passed through some kind of membrane. "An array barrier? Are they trying to keep the demon qi from spreading?"

Kana did not know the use of the barrier, nor did she care. She flew towards the middle of the valley to see a large sinkhole in the ground. It was pitch black down below, even with the sun shining down from the sky, no light penetrated the dark depths of the hole below. The demon qi she was sensing was coming from within the sinkhole. With no hesitation at all, she flew down into the darkness and looked around. The sinkhole itself was quite deep. She continued down for about two hours until she reached the bottom, which was surprisingly much brighter than the area above her.

"Hmmm? Is that a palace?" Kana pursed her lips as he looked over at the grayish palace that stood in front of her. "It seems the demon qi is coming from in there. But this place looks more like the pits of hell back on Earth. Of course, that place was true hell for anyone who dared to enter it."

What Kana was talking about was a secret place that not many knew about that was under the city she lived in. It had carvings of all kinds of demonic looking creatures all over the stone wall on the outside. She had once snuck down there when she heard about free food being given away but being as wary as she was, she did not just run up and go in there. She watched from the shadows as a man walked up to the door and knocked on it. He was let in, and the next thing that Kana heard was screams of pain and the man begging not to be killed. She quickly ran away, never to return again.

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"Let's see just how deadly this place is…." Kana was not perturbed as she walked right up the stairs inspecting the carvings on the broken column at the side.

"You are quite a curious one, are you not?" An ancient voice filled Kana's head, but she ignored it. She was sick of old men talking to her like they were above her. Instead, she climbed the steps at a leisurely pace without a care in the world.

"Heh…. Ignoring me, huh?" The voice chuckled, but then a massive pressure much stronger than what should be allowed on this plane weighed down onto Kana, but she still ignored it. In fact, she just waved her hand, causing the pressure to disappear. It was as if she was swatting a fly.

"Oh?" The ancient voice seemed very surprised that it could not suppress Kana. It was then that the doors to the palace slammed open. "I will allow you to enter."

It was only now that Kana started to get annoyed. "Listen. Even if you tried to keep me out, I would still enter. You have something my family needs, so I came to get it. If you do not give it to me, I will destroy this whole place and still take it! And if you annoy me, I will turn you into a door ornament. I do not know what the hell is wrong with the old men on this planet, but you all think you are so much better than everyone else. If you can see that I am not phased by your powers, why are you still acting all high and mighty? You are nothing without your ability to suppress those of a lower cultivation but sadly for you. I am not a normal cultivator."

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Hearing Kana;'s rant, the ancient voice did not return, and Kana continued her investigation of the carvings. And her conclusion? "Whoever carved these things sucks at carving. No elegance at all."

"What do you know about art!?" The ancient voice yelled out, but in return, he only got a snort from Kana. "What do you think I know!? Do you think just because you can make something resemble an ugly figure, it will look good? It looks horrible. I can do better by flicking a rock with my big toe! And I hate rocks!" Kana yelled back.

"You! You know nothing about art!" The ancient voice was so mad that it was to kill Kana tight then and there!

"Says the one who can't even carve a face right. Why do all the carvings look the same? They all looked like someone smashed the person with a baseball bat!" Kana answered back with a snort.

"What is a baseball bat!? Wait no! If you are able to do better, then show me what you would serve!" The Ancient voice seething with anger. So it dared to force Kana to make something better than it!

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"Fine! I will!" Kana said as she waved her hand. As she did, a statue of a demon looking monster appeared out of one of the stone pillars. It looked horrifying and life like, unlike the other cavings of this palace.

Silence spread throughout the area until finally. "Master, please teach this humble one to crave masterpieces like this."

"No! I don't want some old man apprentice!" Kana answered without hesitation.

"Come on! Master, You have to take me as your disciple. Your skills are too good! Pretty please, for me!?" The ancient voice began trying to act in a cute manner.

Kana turned her head and began dry heaving. The voice just now made her sick to her stomach. "Would you shut up!? You almost made me puke up my meat!"

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