Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System
Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System

Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System


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Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Harem, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Barion_Trident. 327 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Many people wish to be transported to another world, beautiful women, supernatural powers, adventures and the list continues.

But what happens when you are born in a place where almost everyone see you as a tool, which turned out to be useless for their purposses.

Falling into the depths of despair after losing what he cared for the most, the unmistakable sound of a notification changed his destiny and the one of all the planes of existence, but was it for the good... or not?

"The host's current body is too shitty for the system, physical reformation in progress", "physical reformation complete, as a one time reward for surviving the host might ask the system for a wish".

Follow Daimon on his journey through a world where the existences called "Gods" are only higher ranked mages.

If You like monsters folklore and cute girls then be my guest
The cover is not mine, so all the credit for the right owner
The story will have a lot of dark elements so if you don't have stomach for that then I suggest you to leave, oh also i'm quite a pervert myself so be prepared for that (NO NTR).

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  • johnchristianteriote 1

    Can I ask the archmage and the magus king if they are the same culitivation level? or magus king is above archmage

  • Kingdavid09 1

    Daimon character is changing and I don’t like it. His goal is to leave the star chart with his women. But now it’s getting complicated not only he decides to break the relationship with rishon sisters but the author keep using Aisha to push them. The day the risha sisters join the harem is the day I am dropping this novel. Because it’s not fair for the remain harem members since they are special but the risha sisters are leeches and selfish using him as a center in there power and that is bad writing

  • Sentries 1

    Words that describes this novel are Edgy and Mediocre

  • Darkezeo 3

    I have one question. Is this the same hellsing that the helsing organization is from

  • Nirob63 1

    Well,the system is a bit disappointing but the story is good.harem building is good but gotta say man..."Why the hell is this story taking too long!!He hasnt taken anyones virginity man!!Im waiting for 300+ chapter already...!!!"

  • Omegarocious 1

    Current read 315 chapters There are more than a couple #r18 chapters but it revolves mainly around his mom and the 2 other families. Beside that it is an interesting find with great work in world building and characters build up and an amazing degree of power classification.

    Edited: 11d
  • PowermanPower 1

    Does he actually have a r18+ relationship with his mom?

    • mommyevernightsimp 1

      Yes, but his mom got resurrected at the age of 14, so the age gap is shorter than usual.

      • CliB3Nz 1

        wait is his mom really yung than because depending on how yung its even worse than *nc*st but of course both are non the less bad if shes a loli

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  • Arceus_jpg 1

    is this good?

  • M8Vobis 1

    friends, get rid of this urgent doubt, he's just going to be *n*l or he's finally going to stop being cool and finally have a v*g*n*l penetration and take their virginity;I passed 100 and still nothing.

    • mommyevernightsimp 1

      He wants to acquire a grimoire, with the requirements being virginity of his soulmates and a SSS achievement, so he only have an*l s*x with his women.

  • anurch 1