System vs Rebirth
Chapter 471: Shock


The warhammer struck the ground, splitting it. Some of the cracked stones emerged from the ground and hit three people.

Seeing how Paul had greeted them, Noel shouted to Rose, "Anyone powerful?"

"I'm not sure. They're surprised, but none of them are actually experienced enough to react far faster than anyone else." Rose explained, indicating their strength.

It seemed the enemies this time didn't have any high ranking people. After all, if they had Spirit Master if not Spirit Grandmaster, they would have reacted to Paul's attack or at least launched a counterattack.

Since they didn't react, Noel pulled out his sword and sped up. The others seemed to have the same thought as they ran next to Noel.

Stella reminded them. "We're facing the Supreme Devil Organization. Maintain vigilance. This can be a trap as well."

The rest nodded and started approaching from all directions. In the meantime, Rose jumped into the air, looking at their entire surroundings.

"There's no one around," Rose reported out loud. It appeared this wasn't a trap.

So, Noel and the others didn't have any more hesitation in their hearts.

Noel looped around Paul and approached the enemy from the left. Although this would be a good time to use the Phoenix Wings and Undying Fire Feathers to kill many people at once, he believed this wasn't the time yet, considering there might still be a potential enemy. He was sure a high ranking person was around the Demon Hunting Squad's base, so he had to conserve a bit of his energy to handle anything that would come their way.

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Hence, Noel had chosen his Sword Fire and Ignition Sword as his weapon to kill these Demon Worshipers.




A series of explosions occurred as Noel skillfully clashed blades with the Demon Worshipers. As a Spirit Wielder, Noel's Ignition Sword was unstoppable. The Demon Worshipers were either Spirit Apprentices or Spirit Practitioners, so their weapons shattered or their bodies were destroyed by the explosion.



"What is this?!"

They were confused because they didn't expect the Demon Hunting Squad to find them like this.

They tried to fight back, but the Demon Relief Squad had an overwhelming strength against them, killing their people one by one.

Even Noel managed to kill seventeen people in this raid alone, giving significant progress to his mission.

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There was simply little to no resistance as they finished the battle within fifteen minutes. And those from the Demon Hunting Squad could only look at them from far away.

"This…" They were utterly shocked by the squad's strength. Although they had a lot of confidence in the Demon Hunting Squad, it didn't change the fact that the Demon Relief Squad was ranked higher than them

In addition, the squad before them was their zero squad. They had a lot of things to learn from them, so they didn't join the fight and just observed them.

Noel was looking around to see the surroundings. Unfortunately, he found no one, making him become even more suspicious about the entire group.

"This is weird…" Noel muttered while glancing at Rose, signaling that the entire situation wasn't right.

Rose nodded with a serious expression and told everyone. "There must be something not right."

"What do you mean?" Paul asked while furrowing his eyebrows.

"I'm not sure what is not right, but looking at these people, don't you think it's weird for them to be staying here just by themselves?"

"It's possible? We can't predict what the Supreme Devil Organization wants." Paul still didn't understand what Rose was talking about. He actually forgot about the most important thing in this situation.

Rose shook her head calmly and pointed to the ground. "Paul. You forgot something. Where are we?"

"We are near the Demon Hunting…" Paul wanted to give the base as an answer, but he suddenly stopped, remembering there was a more appropriate answer. "We are beyond the border!"

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That was right. They were beyond the border where more dangerous monsters resided. The Demon Worshipers might appear here, but coming here in a group like this was the same as courting death. So, they must come here with someone strong.

And that strong person was most likely the culprit of the entire situation.

"That's right. I'm afraid that many strong ones are hiding somewhere and we don't know what they're aiming for right now…" Rose warned them with a grim expression. They had to be careful so as to not get ambushed. After all, they had been ruining the Supreme Devil Organization's plans multiple times in a short period.

Paul paused for a moment and turned to Ben. "We're going to split the team. You are to lead the second team. Your group will consist of you, Jonathan, Rose, and Iadre. I'll bring Stella and Zion with me."

"Got it." Ben nodded. Normally, the leader would be Stella, but it seemed Paul needed Stella in this situation. Her firepower was second to Paul in the group after all.

As soon as they reached an agreement, Ben asked for confirmation, "Then, we're going back… right?"

"Yeah. Go back to the base and find another trace. I'm assuming they're planning to use these people as baits."

"Got it. Let's go back then." Ben nodded while turning to his teammates. Without wasting any more time, he ran back, knowing Paul would be running around to search for the remaining trace.

Noel and the group ran back to the base while wondering what the Supreme Devil Organization's target was.

Stella was racking her brain while Jonathan observed Noel, wondering what he planned to do. After all, Noel was sharper than Rose. Seeing how Noel had been giving some secret signals to Rose, he believed Noel had found something.

Meanwhile, Ben was bolder than Jonathan this time. He matched Noel's place so that he could say something to him.

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Noel was confused at first but soon was dumbstruck when Ben opened his mouth.

He actually asked, "So, what is your plan, Noel?"

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