Unrivaled Medicine God
Unrivaled Medicine God

Unrivaled Medicine God

The God of Medicine

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Unrivaled Medicine God novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Feng Yise. 3119 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor.

Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants.

Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy.

How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands!

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: 1 comment on Chapter 861: Burning of the Linked Camps
  • add_icted 1

    The hell with the ending

  • KeynCG 1

    This is the first time I have read such an extensive novel and I must say that I loved it. Super recommended, by the way, don't pay so much attention to the bad comments. Tastes are as varied as colors, others may not like this novel, but you like it. I'm sorry if I don't write very well in English, I'm still learning :)

  • Divine_Dragon 2

    Just completed this novel The ending was very rushed

  • BoomBoomWantstoDisappear 3

    i have a problem reading the tags. Is the betrayal part going to be his fiance/s or some close friends going out with his fiance? or even plotting to kill him coming from his friends or fiance?

  • Ihimaera 5

    Since like 2800, the quality of this novel has dropped drastically. Feels really rushed and incomplete. I'll grind through and hope it gets better because I know it ends at around 3100 chapters but kinda disappointed ngl.

  • Tarrant67 1

    Oh man those mc's in xianxia novels are really brainless

  • Gfcz (Banned) 1

    This novel is what you would call classic xianxia novel. Unresonable young masters, stubborn MC who doesnt think about consequences, plots set up only for eventual faceslap, MC saved with plot armor, Fights that gets too many ultimate moves and level ups etc... Its not for me, i dont like wanting to punch my screen every few chapters but if you're into typical xianxia, you should give it a try before you decide for yourself.

  • ArnosXius 1

    There’s an Issue in the 2600 chapters and Up, when you click next chapter it goes backwards into lower chapters and Jumbles around. I’m currently @ ch.2696 and when I click next it brings me to 2650.

  • Boone085 1

    When does he turn in to a dragon again I really want to know.

  • ILostMyMemory 3

    Uncreativity are going too far Are you kidding me, im at ch 2200 and the main character is being crippled again? Come on. When the main character got crippled after transcending into heavenspan world, i could tolerate that. But being crippled again after the battle against an elder from divine race and become mortal again, that is too much. At this point, i think author are just dragging the story. What would author write after the great war against divine race? Go to higher realm? Got crippled again? Become powerhouse? Another great race came? Great war again? Repeat? That is suck. I dont mind of concept "big world after big world" but being crippled again and again are trully going too far. Think im going to stop reading for a while

    • UnpopularFacts 2

      I'm gonna quit reading as well. He went to the academy and he got a worse result than a guy with just a minor level above him. He's constantly being harassed by people vastly stronger than himself, just making the MC look even more pathetic and useless. He's weaker than everyone else and he had to start over from the beginning, spending hundreds of years learning how to concoct basic tier 1 pills after he became a deity, because once you reach that level, everything you learned previously is useless. Back to being a basic beginner level alchemist whose alchemy and martial dao laws are absolute trash. He started out super talented and now he's below average. Even spending hundreds of years with the vast heaven steele, he's still not even reaching the basic level of other youths of similar or younger age. I need more Chu Kuangren in my life.

    • Axiom 2


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