VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~
Chapter 142: Towards The Mahl Republi・Pkk Ontinuation

I decided to leave a couple guild names in Japanese because it seemed more appropriate considering the Japanese theme the guild leaders are going for. Besides they sound a bit “better” than what the words are translated into.

First one is Mitsuyoshi’s guild 凜 (Rin), literal translation would be cold/frigid.

Next one is Masamune’s guild 匠(Takumi), which could literally mean craftsman/artisan.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Mitsuyoshi-san took an empty seat and sat down on our table and the first thing he said was this.

「I have a grasp of what’s going on. You are being stopped by PKs right?」(Mitsuyoshi)

「You knew about them?」(Hind)

Mitsuyoshi-san is a player that has set the Mahl Republic as his main home.

During the tournament, it seems like he met up with Tobi in the Empire and then they participated together.

On top of that, he seems to know about the PKs running rampart.

「Yeah. There are PKs gathering here and there, this is the vicinity that has the worst public order. The truth is that we were planning to gather in Cresciente Coast, but it took a while for my guild members to gather here. Good grief, those guys.」(Mitsuyoshi)

After he said that, Mitsuyoshi pointed towards the entrance to the shop with his thumb.

Wondering what kind of people his guild members were, I took a peek at them.

Huh? What’s with that person wearing Miko vestments and a fox mask…she’s waving in this direction though, she gives quite the strange presence.

「Did you pass through the coast? It’s impressive that you were able to do so safely.」(Tobi)

「Oh, it seems like there’s some misunderstanding here. It’s true that there are more PKs nowadays, but the guys of Night’s Edge that attacked you were a PK guild from these parts to begin with. Since they already know us…」(Mitsuyoshi)

「Even though they have the word Night in their name they attack in the middle of the day? Not like I care though.」(Tobi)

Leaving aside Tobi’s retort, so those guys were a PK guild from Mahl huh?

Even though I have hardly seen any PKs in Sala…you can see the difference of players between each region.

However, if it’s like that I can understand.

「In other words, in order to not fight against big guilds, they avoid them?」(Hind)

「Correct. I wanted to have a talk regarding that.

…By the way, would it be correct to assume that Hind-kun is the representative of both guilds?」(Mitsuyoshi)

「No, our representative is this one.」(Hind)

While denying Mitsuyoshi’s claim, I signaled towards Yumir with my hand.

Yumir immediately did a 「Hm?」 face and subsequently nodded in confusion.

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「O-Oh, that would be me! If you have something to say, let’s hear you out!」(Yumir)

「I see, it’s a choice that sounds like you guys. In that case, let’s have Yumir-chan as your representative and have her hear out our proposal.」(Mitsuyoshi)

That being said, it’s not like Mitsuyoshi-san is only going to bring Yumir with him to have talks.

Simply said, you could say that him speaking to a representative is some sort of courtesy.

At times like this, you can feel that he’s an adult…it’s an example that we should follow.

The proposition we got from Mitsuyoshi-san was as follows.

Could we go back to Cresciente Coast and lure out 『Night’s Edge』 one more time? Or something like that.

Thinking that the good players in the vicinity are also bothered by the PKs, Mitsuyoshi-san and co thought that we should beat them up one time at least.

According to his instructions, first, we should go by ourselves to Cresciente Coast and engage in battle with 『Night’s Edge』 again.

Second, so that they don’t stay on guard, Mitsuyoshi-san’s guild will depart from the village 「Half a minute」 later.

Third, they’ll quickly join us and we’ll beat them in one go…in short, we will act as bait to lure out the PKs.

The objective is to endure until Mitsuyoshi-san and co arrive, will we be able to do it?

「Alright, we’ll do it!」(Yumir)

「And Yumir-chan replies instantly like that. Is it really OK?」(Mitsuyoshi)

Seeing Yumir’s reaction, Mitsuyoshi-san shifted his gaze towards me.

Ah…after pondering for a bit, I nodded while having a difficult expression.

「The truth is, we did run away a while back-」(Hind)

「We didn’t run away! That was just changing our route to go backwards!」(Yumir)

「…All she obtained after returning to this village was frustration. So, you could say that this is a godsend.」(Hind)

Fundamentally, you could say that she hates to lose.

Mitsuyoshi smiled at my words and then looked at the other members.

「I’m also frustrated! That’s why, I agree with Yumir-senpai!」(Lyco)

Consequently, Lycoris-chan stood up.

「Fumu. It’s that even I, I’m not the type that likes to just be defeated without doing anything…the only time I’ll be defeated and not retaliate will be when my opponent is Hind-san.」(Riizu)

「Gyaa! Riizu-dono is scary! …I’m sorry, I’ll apologize so don’t glare at me like that!」(Tobi)

Riizu stated calmly with eyes filled with frustration.

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Seems like the members are leaning towards getting revenge on the PKs on their own accord.

Then, we arrived at 『Cresciente Coast』 yet again.

According to Mitsuyoshi-san, if they were to be on guard and didn’t appear, he wouldn’t mind if we just went to 『Port Notos』.

He was able to gather around thirty members after all. Though, if it was possible, I would prefer if they just forgave us and let us pass.

『Japanese Style Guild “Rin”』, that’s the name of the guild Mitsuyoshi-san acts as guild master in.

The requirement for joining is to always wear Japanese style clothing, only that prerequisite. The number of members is the current cap, 50.

There was also the crafting specialized guild 『Takumi』, this was another huge guild focused on crafting that they have allied themselves with.

The guild master for this one was Masamune-shi.

Thinking about it, it’s a wonder how a small guild like ours was able to form a temporary alliance with such big guilds.

「This is the time to show our strength! We have to show them that we’ll be useful even if we lack the numbers!」(Yumir)


「Don’t overdo it, it’ll be sad if the enemies don’t show up, everything in moderation.」(Hind)

「Don’t go spilling cold water on my motivation! If I say they are going to come out, they will!」(Yumir)

「That’s right, that’s right!」(Lyco)

Lycoris-chan has completely changed into some sort of little sister of Yumir.

However, I wonder if they’ll show up…since it’s technically our second time, we are hurrying up with our horses so they don’t attack us.

Mitsuyoshi-san said that if the opponents were ten people or less, 『Night’s Edge』 would definitely attack.

That being said, if they attack us or not will depend on if they notice that something strange is going on or not.

「Anyway, let’s run past without stopping. If they see that we are trying to force our way through with speed, it’ll be hard for them to think that something odd is going on even if we have come back in such a short time.」(Hind)

「Hind-dono, you are such a worrywart. Their side should be the same as ours, they are probably frustrated that they were unable to kill us so it’ll be fine! Even if they act as if they are silent, inside they should be the same us.」(Tobi)

「Is that so? If I was a PK, I would never use a plan against the same opponent twice.」(Hind)

On the contrary, regardless if a plan has gone well or not, I would change the location each time.

Now that I think about it, do PKs have their own territories? I never thought about it.

「Hind-dono as the leader of a PK guild…? I wouldn’t want him as my opponent!」(Tobi)

「Muh? Hind is going to become a PK?」(Yumir)

Yumir cut into the conversation having only heard part of our conversation.

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Me as a PK huh…I don’t desire such stimulation.

「No, no way. It was a what if scenario.」(Hind)

「Oh, that’s a relief. If that was the case, I would have to beat you up in order to rehabilitate you after all! That would be a pain!」(Yumir)

「Even if Hind-san becomes a PK, I’ll follow you wherever you go, you know?」(Riizu)


I didn’t know if that was the right thing to say but I could only express my gratitude towards both of their contrastive replies.

At that moment, Selene-san, who was staying vigilant of the area in front of us, raised her hand.


If she felt that there was something wrong, we had decided beforehand that she should give a signal for us to run at full speed once she raised her hand.

From now on, we stopped talking, leaned forward and grasped the reins.

Me and Yumir were taking the rear since we were riding the Grado Turks, we matched the speed of the common horse the other members were riding and accelerated gradually.

Then, when we got close to the exit of 『Cresciente Coast』, that happened.

「Nuoooh!? My horse!!」(Tobi)

Tobi was riding at the front and his horse was pierced by multiple arrows and its posture crumbled.

Like that, the horse fell over throwing Tobi tumbling towards the sandy beach, then he stood up immediately.

Ooh! That was rather ninja-like, unexpectedly.

「Tobi, over here! Get on!」(Hind)

「Kuh, the penalty for rental horses…damn you, I won’t forgive you!」(Tobi)

If a rented horse dies, they’ll just respawn in the last village/town you passed through.

It’s just that, you have to pay extra depending on the times they have died when you return them.

This is part of the game system and it’ll force you to pay from the money in your possession or the money in your banks so…it gets pretty expensive if they die a lot.

I rushed towards Tobi on my Grado Turk and had him ride behind me, then I sped up again.

However, 『Night’s Edge』 acted as a wall obstructing the road.

「Damn it, we failed! Counterattack!」(Hind)

Our plan to force our way through failed, I used my body and voice to say that to everyone. However, this was all part of the plan.

Mitsuyoshi-san and co guessed that we would be stopped around this part, so they should probably rush to help us in no time.

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Until then, we’ll fight a battle of endurance against this many opponents.

VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~ Chapter 142: Towards The Mahl Republi・Pkk Ontinuation
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