Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 1630: Indigo World Hegemony

The Saintess was a little apprehensive of whether she should reveal such information to Lin Mu. But then saw a blaze within Lin Mu's eyes, and made her decision.

"Very well... you should sit down." The Saintess spoke before tapping her finger.


A wave of energy spread all over the courtyard as hundreds of runes manifested around her. The runes flew up and turned into fog that masked the entire courtyard.

"What was that?" Lin Mu questioned.

"Something to keep the others from hearing." The Saintess answered.

"There are people spying on us?" Lin Mu became alert.

"Not the people here... or in this world." The Saintess replied. "But there are some people who can still hear us if they use clairvoyance or divination. The Indigo World Hegemony has certain people like these and while they might not be paying attention to us, they can still unearth information from the past.

Especially if it involves them and their work." She revealed.

Hearing this Lin Mu was shocked and immediately recalled Xukong's warning about Karma.

"Is this related to Karma?" Lin Mu inquired.

"In a way yes. Clairvoyance skills can allow one to peer into far locations. Some of the stronger clairvoyants can even look into past. Of course they have limitations and usually they need a strong link of karma for it to work.

Thus they can only use this for people talking about their name." The Saintess explained.

"I see... then this fog can stop that?" Lin Mu asked.

"Yes. It should prevent them from knowing." The Saintess replied.

"You can believe her. This Fog is made from her Dao Insights. Even for clairvoyants and Diviners, peeking through this would be incredibly difficult." Xukong informed Lin Mu.

'Made form Dao insights?' Lin Mu was surprised.

He couldn't help but take a look at the fog again.

He knew that the Saintess practiced the Daos of Wind, Air and Clouds. She probably had many more, but these were her most used. And thus was already depicted in the skills she used often.

Her way of disappearing and appearing was related to the Dao of Air and her ability to make solid items out of clouds was rather basic application. What he was now seeing was probably a higher leveled application.

'Is this a mixture of all three Dao insights?' Lin Mu could somewhat analyze it.

"Now then... let's start." The Saintess said, having set up her fog.

Lin Mu became focused and looked at her.

"The Indigo World Hegemony is a massive power that has its reaches in many worlds. It normally functions as an organization of merchants, but also provides other services like spying, assassination as well as the sale of unorthodox skills and forbidden materials.

Of course the latter part is kept hidden, but is an open secret among the higher experts. Even the Immortal Court knows this but they cannot act as the Indigo World Hegemony has too much control. If some of their people get caught, they simply get cut off and they pretend as if they did not belong to them." The Saintess spoke.

"The Crown Prince did say that he met a few elders of the Indigo World Hegemony during his work at the Immortal Court." Lin Mu recalled.

"Their influence does extended into the Immortal Court." The Saintess nodded her head.

"No wonder they can function like this then. They have people covering for them in the immortal Court too." Lin Mu said with a frown.

"That's just how it is. It is quite difficult to clear all of their people out. It's been tried in the past, but they still survived." The Saintess revealed.

"Clear them out?" Lin Mu raised his brows. "What do you mean?"

"The Indigo World Hegemony wasn't originally named this. Rather they originally belonged to the Hundun Imperial Order. They were a great power of older time. That were erased by the combined strength of the entire Celestial court.

But still... their remnants survived and turned into the Indigo World Hegemony." The Saintess explained.

"What about the Hundun Imperial Order?" Lin Mu asked further.

"That... is not something I can tell you about. Rather than me, I think it'll be better if you hear about them from your master." The Saintess replied.

'Hear it from Senior?' Lin Mu realized that it might be a lot more serious than he thought. "Alright."

"Back to the Indigo World Hegemony, they are certainly a large organization and they possibly have over ten billion members." The Saintess continued.

"Ten Billion!? That's more than a worlds' population!" Lin Mu was stunned.

"A mortal world perhaps. But yes, it is enough to occupy a world. And this is just their core members. Their expanded organization and their external members are simply uncountable." The Saintess stated.


Lin Mu couldn't help but take a breath after hearing this. He realized that while he was angry at the actions of the Indigo World Hegemony, they certainly weren't someone he could contend against.

"So the invader was sent by them?" Lin Mu inquired.

"From my sect's divinations, it was proven that it was done so by one of their smaller divisions." The Saintess replied.

"So, it was one of their subordinate parts and not the main?" Lin Mu questioned.

"Yes. The invasion of a small mortal world like yours isn't important enough for the main division to care about." The Saintess answered.

While it seemed a bit infuriating to Lin Mu, he did understand the Xiaofan world was simply too weak. It was close to him due to being his home world, but compared to the Rust Sky world he could see just how vast the difference was.

And the Indigo World hegemony were people who could even do something like that to a world like the Rust Sky world.

That spoke of their power and influence.

'Looks like I'll have to recalculate my plans for later.' Lin Mu thought.

"My final advice is that, you do not tell others that you are part of the Indigo World Hegemony. You never know who's the real member of it." She warned.

Chapter 1630: Indigo World Hegemony
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