Walker Of The Worlds
Chapter 1631: Knowing Future Foes

Lin Mu took the Saintess's warning seriously and decided that he would avoid mentioning the Indigo World Hegemony again.

But this also made him think of the past times when he had used their name.

"Since I've already used it in the past, will they be able to find it?" Lin Mu asked with concern.

"The ring that you have will probably thrown them off. So unless they look really deep into it, they shouldn't notice it. Plus the one you killed was a low ranked member that is not of much concern to them." The Saintess replied, reliving Lin Mu.


"That's good then." Lin Mu said before taking the ring off. "It's about time I switch it for another ring."

He stored the ring away and took out another unassuming Spatial Storage Ring. Lin Mu had plenty of them in his own ring thus there were no issues. Besides he only wore the ring to keep up the pretense that he had a normal spatial storage ring.

While the Saintess didn't know of the mysterious ring, she simply attributed Lin Mu's ability to store a large amount of items as well as the beasts to his own Spatial Skills. After all, it was an entirely viable alternative.

Plus she didn't question him about it either, letting him keep the secrets. She knew better than anyone else to prod on one's secrets.

After all, she had several secrets of her own too…

"I guess I'll eventually be clashing with the Indigo World Hegemony and the Shadow Gloom Bone Lord in the future." Lin Mu spoke.

"That might happen. But you need to be a lot stronger than you are now." The Saintess stated. "As for the Shadow Gloom Bone Lord… Fighting him will be difficult for an entirely different reason." She added.

"Due to his multiple bodies?" Lin Mu could guess.

"Indeed. Each of his bodies has independent thought and consciousness. And when several of them get close, they can link up too. This is what has allowed that pest to stay alive all this time. He is simply a cockroach that refuses to die." The Saintess said with visible anger.

"Has… he harmed the Serpent Moon Sect too?" Lin Mu asked with curiosity.

"He has… and not just the Serpent Moon Sect but several other powers too. There is no lack of enemies that he has. Thus if you actually find a fragment of him, just spread the news around and the orthodox powers will rush as soon as possible." The Saintess answered. "You won't be alone in that fight."

"I see… that's good to hear." Lin Mu was pleased.

But in all this, Lin Mu concluded that the ultimate thing he needed to do was to get stronger.

"I'll get to the Tyrant Bull Marrow. All this information only makes me think that I'm lacking." Lin Mu stated.

"Mm… go on." The Saintess said before waving her hand in the air.

The fog dispersed and the normal appearance of the courtyard appeared again.

"Also… while I'm cultivating, there is a great chance there'll be commotion Saintess." Lin Mu informed.

"I'll hide that." The Saintess offered.

Then with another wave of her hand, a new array set itself up. Lin Mu could tell that no energy fluctuations would be able to leave the confines of the Hundred Fruits Pavilion.

"Thank you Saintess." Lin Mu said before calling out Little Shrubby.

"You can stay with the Saintess while I cultivate." Lin Mu informed. "It might take me a while to get out again." He added.

"Okay, that's fine. I'll wait for you." Little Shrubby responded with a nod and nuzzled against Lin Mu.

After a few moments, the beast parted and jumped onto the table.

"Xiao Yin, Xiao Yang, I'll see you two later too." Lin Mu rubbed the heads of the two snakes and entered his room.

The twin snakes watched his back till he was gone.

"He'll be a lot stronger when he comes out." The Saintess spoke to the beasts. "You three need to be stronger to support him too."



The beasts responded with an enthusiastic cry and quickly got to training their skills under the watchful eyes of the Saintess.

Meanwhile, Lin Mu was setting up another array inside his room. He didn't want to damage it after all.

Even if the Saintess had set up the external array that would prevent energy fluctuations from leaking out, it didn't mean that the courtyard itself was safe from damage. Having heard just how explosive the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets was, Lin Mu decided to take precautions.

An hour later, Lin Mu was done setting up the reinforcing array.

"That should hold up against the explosion of Diamond Mountain Talismans too." Lin Mu muttered.

Lin Mu then sat down and was just about to start when a thought came to him.

"Senior Xukong, about the Hundun Imperial Order…" Lin Mu tried to ask but was interrupted.

"Cultivate first. I'll talk to you about that later." Xukong replied. "If I do so now, it'll only disturb your mental state." He advised.

"I see… I'll do as you say then." Lin Mu agreed and quickly got to work.

He closed his eyes and appeared in the Sleepscape. Next he walked to the Formations Pavilion, which had the best defenses in the Sleepscape.

The reason he did was that, before he could actually cultivate the Tyrant Bull Marrow secrets, he actually needed to prepare the marrow first. After all, the crown prince had handed it to him in the form of bones.

While it took more work from him, it was the best condition that was presented to him.

"The bones will serve as good materials too." Lin Mu muttered.


He took out the trunk containing the bones and took a closer look at them. Lin Mu first checked for the perfect spot to drill the hole from.

He didn't wish to damage the bones after all. The more intact the bones were, the better materials they would be.

Chapter 1631: Knowing Future Foes
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